Wanna Know How to Stop Worrying?

Maybe you’ve seen this before.  It was one of those things that got passed around via email and landed in my inbox last year.  I decided to dust it off and share it with you today.

When broken down in this format, it appears pretty simple.  No matter which way you go, all arrows point to: Then don’t worry.  And although every bit of what’s in this diagram is true, how many of us still find it difficult to stop worrying on a daily basis?  Hourly basis?


Simple.  True.  Yet we still worry.  I actually get why that is.  I believe that the main reason we still worry is because it’s missing one key ingredient.  Yes, it’s missing TRUST.

I’d like you to imagine that each arrow represents what it means to trust.  (Trust what?  Trust yourself…but that’s an entirely different post.)  Do you see how each arrow is a constant?  Now, as you look at each arrow, instead see trust as the constant.  See trust showing up time and time again.  With each trust-arrow, the spaces between the trust-arrows, the spaces between the words…with each breath you takebreathe in trust.  THAT is the winning combination to stop worrying.

Let’s try something:  print out this diagram, or make a simple handmade drawing, and keep it in your pocket or purse, somewhere nearby (it fits nicely on a Post-it note).  Glance at it when you begin to feel worried and walk yourself through the trust-arrows that apply to your specific situation.  See if you can breathe in trust, as you exhale out anxiety.

Over time, see if this visual sticks in your mind.  See if eventually, you can shut your eyes, and within the same second, you can see within your mind’s eye the diagram and feel a sense of calm.  No thought will even be necessary.

Like anything else, it takes practice.  Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.  (I can’t be the only weirdo it works for!)

I apologize I don’t know where this drawing originated, I’d like to give due credit.  So, Thank You to the person who created this straightforward visual to remind us not to worry…with of course, an additional element of trust.