An Offering For Your Beloved

What do all of these questions have in common?

What cures insomnia?
Why trust at all?
What do people want in life more than anything else?
What one thing do I wish most for my children?  What one thing do I wish most for anyone I love?

Drumroll please….  Answer:  Inner Peace!  What??  Not sexy enough for you?  Not exciting enough?  Maybe not even exciting enough to warrant an “!”  Or earth shattering enough to wake you in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, screaming, “I need more peace in my life!”  No.  That’s not how peace rolls.  Peace is one of those things that falls in the “out of sight – out of mind” category, similar to the foundation of your house.  But without it, well, your house won’t last very long as the strong, stable structure you’ve grown to rely on to support your outer needs.  Peace, my friends, is what supports your inner-most needs.  And for that reason, I find it sexy and exciting as hell, regardless of its knack for subtlety.

Here’s What I Know about Inner Peace:

  • peace is a present-moment-thing, it occurs in the here and now
  • therefore, don’t go chasing after peace, it isn’t a good idea since it’s not a future event
  • similarly, you may have had peace in your past, but if you don’t feel it now, in your present, there’s no use longing or lamenting, you’re just wasting your time
  • when you feel peace in your present, acknowledge it, honor it — find ways to celebrate it
  • the more you trust yourself, the more you will experience peace
  • my belief that the Divine lives within each of us, allows me to trust with all of my heart and mind — bringing more inner peace in my life.  This can work for you, too.
  • peace and inner conflict cannot exist simultaneously
  • peace does not necessarily mean quiet
  • once I learned how trust works, peace entered my life, and the insomnia I battled off and on for nearly 20 years exited my life


Peace Can Look Different For Each of Us

So what exactly does peace look like?  Feel like?  I’m sure you’ve felt it before.  But to describe it, I’d say for me:

  • Looking deeply into my eyes in the mirror and seeing someone who has learned to appreciate her outer beauty, as well as her inner beauty, feels like peace.
  • Sipping my cuppa tea with a still mind, I feel peace.
  • Being gentle with myself, especially since I would never invite someone back into my life who spoke as harshly to me as I sometimes speak to myself. When I get it right and am gentle with myself, I feel peace.
  • Observing the rise and fall of my boys’ torsos as they sleep, and realizing I’ve unconsciously been matching their breathing, feels like peace.
  • The expression on my yellow Lab’s face 99.9% of the time looks like peace.

Ultimately, inner peace feels like a calming in your heart.

That’s what I know about peace.  That’s how peace looks and feels to me.  Desirous, grounding, alive, freeing, and yes, even sexy and exciting, all at the same time.  How about you?  What do you know about peace?  How does it look and feel in your life?  Leave a comment below — I’d love to hear your examples.

If you’re running low on examples, and this post has brought to your attention that you very seldom feel peace in your life, start small: maybe sit still and watch the rise and fall of your abdomen, and do nothing else, think nothing else.  Simply observe the rise and fall for 60 seconds.  You, yes you, as busy as you are, have 1 minute.

Love yourself enough to support your inner-most needs by offering your Beloved (YOU) 60 seconds of inner peace right now.