When Life Appears Tasteless

Tasteless food

Have you ever had a really bad cold?  The kind that leaves all food utterly bland, and in fact, tasteless?  It’s only after blowing your nose, that you’re able to glimpse a hint of pepper maybe, or the remnants of salt or a bit of lemon.

With a cold that bad, like the one I have now, you can’t hope for much more than that, can you?

Although I do.  And I did this morning.

My husband cooked sausage and biscuits today, welcoming us home after being out of town for several days.  I could barely smell the freshly baked bread as it came out of the oven.  But the fact is, I could smell it… just a little.  So maybe, just maybe I could taste the sausage.

With mouth salivating (because, really, who doesn’t like warm biscuits and sausage?), I bit into the sausage.


Absolutely nothing.

From a taste perspective, there was no reason to continue.

Yet I did.  Again… maybe, just maybe the second bite would be different.  Maybe my head had cleared up in the past six seconds and I could now taste.

Again nothing.

But with each bite, I was hopeful.  Not because I really, really love the taste of sausage.  Yeah, it’s okay, and definitely a treat — not something I eat every morning — but it wasn’t so much about the sausage as it was about being hopeful.  Maybe this next bite….

So What Is Hope?

I believe hope is how our Spirit reaches for what it seeks.

Let’s magnify the situation, blow it up much bigger.  How does experiencing tasteless food relate to living a tasteless life?

We can all imagine what a tasteless life looks like.  Same ol’ same, day in and day out.  No new excitement or experiences.  For some, this is what they prefer.  However, for most of us, once we become aware of this daily monotony, we strive to shake it up.

Shaking it up doesn’t have to look like a mid-life crisis, complete with a fast, hot car.  Pick up a new hobby, eat at different restaurants, go dancing when you never go dancing (and especially if you don’t like dancing — go anyway!).  These things, and many others, will add flavor to your life.

There’s no excuse for a tasteless life, unless you choose one.  Left to my own devices, I’d stay in my house all the time, only leaving to walk the dog.  I would tell myself that I prefer my little cocoon, all by myself.  I’d relish the alone time and sit with my cuppa, enjoying every sip, as I smugly think of how lovely and quiet my life is.

Tasteless food, cup of tea

Until it’s not.  Because I’d miss the flavor other people bring, even if the flavor happens to be drama.  And I’d miss the flavor new experiences bring, even when they’re here to teach me something difficult.

So for this week, I’ll sit with my cold, knowing it will soon go away.  And with its disappearance, will reemerge the tastes that typically delight me.

Life is full of flavor.

Seek the flavor Life has to offer.  And drink it in, as you feel the hope of your Spirit begin to rise.

The book hope for the flowers, by Trina Paulus is a wonderful story for all ages on the beauty of hope.  I highly recommend it!

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Love, Leslie


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    Love this, Leslie. Comparing food to life is perfect, especially when most of us don’t even know we’re eating bland, unhealthy food, the same way we also don’t know we’re living a flavorless life. A great reminder for us all to get out and start living. Thank you! Now, get well!

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