The Joy of a Bra! Frivolity or Spirit?

Very seldom do I come up with a subject to write about, choose a title, have a pretty good idea of how the content will be presented, then end up writing a completely different piece.

Welcome to today’s post.

Based on Monday’s article, “Botox! Vanity or Spirit?”, I thought I’d continue on that path, but this time with a cheeky article on Bras — Frivolity or Spirit….

See, for most women I know they don’t actually like wearing a bra.  I’ve heard numerous reports from friends who come home after a long day, kicking off shoes, and ditching the bra almost as fast.

Not me.  When my plastic surgeon told me last week that I could finally wear a bra, a real bra, I leapt for joy.

Yes, J-O-Y.

For TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE DAYS STRAIGHT I’ve worn either a lovely hospital-issue bra or a sports bra.  And during that time period, it’s been on all 24 hours, day and night (minus showers).

After that time frame, you might think I’d be ready to ditch the whole idea of wearing a bra.  No, my sports bras have become like a security blanket of sorts.  However, it was time to pretty them up a bit.

So, as soon as the doctor gave me the go-ahead, I knew I’d want to share the good news with you.

I imagined myself going to Nordstrom, Victoria’s Secret, and Soma, getting fitted for these beautiful, sexy bras that would support and envelop my new girls.  These bras would be such prizes that I’d tell you how I *double-forgot* about the scars that lie hidden underneath.  I’d share how although I recently wrote about not liking a lot of fuss, keeping things simple, this frivolity of buying such sexy little numbers was all worth it.  Frivolity AND Spirit — the irony of those working together.

As I drove home from my doctor’s appointment, I just knew how this whole thing was going to play out, and I thought: Yes, this is a natural next article to follow the Botox one.

The problem with writing something in my head before I experience it is this:  it didn’t go down like that.  At all.

I got to the mall, excited, thinking, Let the Games Begin — my first real bra in eons.  Stopped off at Soma first.  Got fitted.  Had several styles brought to me.  Tried them all on.  Hmm… not impressed.  Next stop, Nordstrom.  Before even getting fitted, I found myself becoming overwhelmed with the ‘process’ as it was being described to me.  Victoria’s Secret?  Nope, skipped it.  I made a beeline to GAP Body (which wasn’t even on my mental list), where I purchased several of the exact same bra I wore pre-mastectomy… just in a different size.  😉

Ha!  Here’s what I learned:  No frivolity here.  No big Spirit Ah-ha either.  Just a reinforcement that yes, I do indeed know what works for me (even if I had thoughts of bra-grandiose that fell short).

After the Botox decision, after the bra shopping, I remain me.  The me who Trusts herself to make choices based on what feels right.  Heart choices, not head choices.  (Regardless if I’ve already written a post in my head that’s a total flop.)

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      Tracy, the response below was supposed to be directed to you, but it appears to have posted as a completely separate message. Anyway, YOU are beautiful too, and I LOVE YOU, too!

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    Maybe I should have surveyed some people before the bra purchase. You would think I’d know how the bra would feel…it’s the same one I had before, just a different size. But after wearing it all day, I have to wonder… what’s up?? It doesn’t feel so good. Did I just get used to the whole no underwire thing, or what?

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