A Not So Common Prayer

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“A Green Prayer” by Muller Davis


A few years ago, while walking around the streets of Santa Fe, New Mexico, I glanced over and this piece of art caught my eye. I was drawn to it. The simplicity of it. The colors: green for Life and Nature, a hint of yellow for Happiness. The prayerful hands, the serene, closed eyes, and the head ever so slightly bowed in prayer.

I flipped it over and read the title: “A Green Prayer.” Next, I glanced down at the artist’s name: Muller Davis.  Green—my last name.  Davis—my son’s first name. A HAPPY, PEACEFUL feeling overcame me. Sold!

Right before going into the hospital for a bi-lateral mastectomy (following a breast cancer diagnosis), my “Sisters” on so many levels held a sacred evening of love for me and my family. There were many beautiful rituals performed that evening, which wove together to present a complete ceremony, marking the healing journey I had just begun. One of the rituals was a prayer circle. Going around the circle, one at a time, each person offered up a one to two word prayer for me (presented below). As each person said their prayer, I looked them in the eye, felt their love and sincerity, accepted their profound gift and blessing, and offered gratitude.

As the last person spoke, I realized that their prayers made up “A Green Prayer”…not your common prayer, but a visual prayer that appeared to me in a piece of art. With their heartfelt words, my Sister-Friends had embodied the same simple, beautiful, circular flow the artist had portrayed in the piece of art I’d been so drawn to. And once again, I felt Happy. Peaceful.

My prayer for you today is this: May you feel the sense of happiness and peace in your life that you so deserve. Claim it…even if yours doesn’t look like a common prayer…CLAIM IT.

Here are their prayers:


Susan:  Comfort

Christian:  Trust Life

Brady:  Trust

Davis:  Confidence

Anne:  Agape

Kathleen M.:  Happiness

Janna:  Wasah

Robin:  Admiration

Jo:  Bravery

Tracy:  Love

Alice:  Light and Healing

Amy:  No Chemo

Kathleen Z.:  Perfection
Jessica:  Divine Light

Nancy:  Letting Go

Kathy:  In The Moment

Alison:  NOW

 And so it is.  Amen.

Do You Want More Trust and Love In Your Life?

Years ago I wrote an article entitled, “Chinese Symbol for Crisis.”  If you’re unfamiliar with the Chinese symbol for crisis and what it stands for, its symbol combines two figures, two key elements:


I was reminded of these two elements, danger and opportunity, when I saw this picture:

trust and love

But I also saw something more, a third element.  Trust.

Trust on the part of the kitten.  And more importantly, trust on the part of the dog: Trusting himself  to know he will not harm the kitten.

Perhaps you’re thinking the kitten doesn’t know any better.  He’s just along for the ride and whatever happens will happen.  But I disagree.  See, I don’t believe it’s part of an animal’s nature to automatically trust.  Especially not trust the larger animal with the big teeth exposed!  It’s all part of a much bigger instinct called Survival.

Yet here, in this young kitten’s life, a bond has already formed.  He feels the warmth and gentleness of the good-natured canine he clings to.  What could be seen as a crisis, is not.  It’s simply trust.  And love, too.

Crisis = Danger + Opportunity

Trust = Love

Love = Trust

Trust and Love Go Hand-in-Hand

And even if an equal sign between trust and love isn’t 100% accurate, 100% of the time, trust and love go hand-in-hand.  That much I know for sure.

To what degree do you trust yourself?  Have you ever considered that before?  Or is trusting yourself typically something you think of as happening outside of yourself?  As in, I don’t trust him or I don’t trust her?  If you would like more love in your life, look at your trust, at your self-trust.  There is a very strong correlation there.

If you’re not quite sure what I’m talking about, but would like to get to a place of more love and more trust, come join us at the newly formed Facebook group: Love, Trust & Pixie Dust.  It’s only about two weeks running, and already we have formed quite a community of Pixie Dusters (almost 600!) sharing their hearts, what’s working, what’s not, and growing a community around loving and trusting ourselves more.  Won’t you join us?

Love, Leslie

Trusting Can Be So #!?!@#!

The thing that sucks about writing/talking about trust for a living is when trusting simply becomes #!?!@#! Take this morning: I was on the phone with my credit card company, followed by the wireless phone company for over two hours. OVER TWO HOURS I tell you! Finally (maybe) everything is PART WAY resolved. After I got off the phone and rubbed my red, hot ear, I decided only one thing would suffice: it was time to throw a toddler tantrum—kick, scream, the works!

But no…there was this calm, serene voice that said, “Remember, everything happens for a reason. Look for the lesson. Don’t get angry over the situation. Anger doesn’t help.” Blah, blah, blah…. Shut up already! I am angry!

Well, maybe not angry. Annoyed. SUPER annoyed!

Smudged Trust


There was suspected fraud on my credit card, not even actual fraud. Suspected fraud, what does that even mean? Steven, Fraud Supervisor, explained it to me (which made sense at the time…and totally evades me now).

This suspected fraud has led to a to-do list that is longer than Santa’s “good-list” on his best year. And oh!…the time I’m sure to spend completing this to-do list! I won’t go into details, mostly because you have your own annoying day-to-day issues to deal with; you don’t need to hear about mine. Besides, my day is not busier nor is my time more valuable than yours—yet it is this perceived loss of time I am so annoyed about.  Continue Reading

I Trust THAT Feeling

In the last blog post, “What’s Up with Instant Attraction,” we discussed instant attraction as a form of feeling connected to another.  We discussed all sorts of connections, why they exist, where they come from, what keeps us coming back for more, etc.

Odd as it may sound, when I meet someone and feel an instant connection, rather than see our physical human bodies, I often see us in the image of trees.  I envision our torsos as trunks, standing side by side.  Our branches have hundreds of small twigs protruding outward.  We share our journey to reach upward to the sun, to something higher and greater than our individual selves—yet we know that this higher and greater source originates within us.

We plunge down into the earth, underneath its surface, becoming entangled in a system of roots, intertwined, reaching with outstretched limbs to the depths of the earth’s core, keeping us anchored to Life as well as to each other.  For that moment we have become interwoven, enmeshed.

Our Oneness is as sharp and brilliant as lightning.  We resonate with each other.

It’s THAT feeling that I trust.

My hope is that I resonate with you.

As I began writing today’s post, I got to right here, stepped away from my computer for a few minutes, and before I started writing again I did a quick search for something completely unrelated and happened to stumble upon this image:


It only took a second of reading and breathing in the message to say to myself, “Yes.  Stop here.  You have said enough.”

From my heart to yours.  I hope you have a beautiful day.


instant attraction

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