Ignite Your Heart

The work we do in life can sometimes feel heavy.  Learning to trust, finding our truth, looking within—each are meant to help us feel more at peace—however, sometimes all of this spiritual work feels more like the piling on of ten soaking wet wool blankets.  Heavily, slowly, crushing.

There are days I long for the bliss of ignorance.  Not days, more like moments throughout the day.  But still, they exist.  Those moments when I think, Ah to be young, clueless, and unaware.  Riding my bike, skipping, talking non-stop as I walked alone in nature.  Talking with whom?  Who cares?  It didn’t matter.  No one.  Everyone.  God.

And that bounce in my step?  Where did it come from?  From the feeling of being light.  Unencumbered.  Unafraid.

I don’t bounce much anymore.  And I’m almost* perfectly fine with that.  There’s a time and a place for everything.  Then was the time for that, and now is the time for this.

*Almost perfectly fine…

Almost because I’d like to settle into a balance.  Something between the bounce and the soaking wet blankets.

Spirituality doesn’t have to feel heavy or over-serious or wet-wool-blanket-like.  For me, it just has to feel real, solid, meaningful.  Spirituality is living your life with a purpose that ignites your heart.

ignite your heart

Does your heart feel ignited?

Today, no matter if your heart feels ablaze with intense emotion or more like a buried, forgotten lump of coal never destined to find its flame, follow along and feel this:

  • snap your fingers together gently, only hearing the whoosh, brushing of a noise, not a hard crack.  That was the spark of your heart igniting.
  • narrow your eyes, squint a little as you glance within the left side of your chest, see a white dot surrounded by a soft, yellow halo
  • as you focus your eyes, sharpen your awareness as you see the soft, yellow halo begin to pulsate
  • slowly, very slowly, watch it grow
  • feel it grow
  • Feel
  • it
  • grow.
  • see the single flame grow larger
  • and now see the flame multiply
  • shift your seeing entirely over to feeling
  • feel your heart completely ablaze
  • alive, roaring with life, purpose, meaning
  • quickly, shift the fire to your throat!
  • expand the flames and ask yourself NOW:
  • “What have I been wanting to say, but have been holding inside?”
  • let it go
  • Let
  • it
  • go.
  • easy, now
  • let it go.

Now seal in your experience.

Grab your iPhone.  Yes, you read correctly.  You know it’s right beside you.  Go to your Clock app (standard on all iPhones).  Choose Stopwatch.  Tap Start, with closed eyes, take 10 deep breaths in and out as you seal in your inner-heart-throat experience.  For 10 breaths, go there, wherever there may be.  Close your eyes and begin.

Hello again.

Offer yourself love as a way of thanking yourself.  It’s simple, just say out loud, “I love you.”

Now wash and repeat.  Each time you begin to feel the heaviness that comes with Life, have this exercise handy.  Next time you may not shift from your heart to your throat, you may shift from your heart to your sore knee, or to the ringing in your left ear that’s been bothering you.  Go there and release.  Let. it. go.

Ignite Your Heart


P.S.  Ten breaths in and out this time took me 2 minutes, 21 seconds. Last time: 1:54.  I must have had more to let go.


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Is Your Glass Half Full or Glass Half Empty? What If I Told You It Doesn’t Matter?

How often have you heard that optimists see the glass half full and that pessimists see the glass half empty?  Pretty standard.

Of course, we aren’t really talking about just a glass;  we are talking about much more than a glass.  We are talking about LIFE—about all of the situations and experiences that make up our rich lives.  Things like:

  • love
  • relationships
  • career twists and turns
  • changes in our health status
  • joys with our children
  • pains with our children
  • and on and on….

I suspect that for years you’ve been told you were a glass half full person or a glass half empty person.  You may have even bought into the label, describing yourself as such to others.  Let me ask you, how does it feel to be seen by others as a glass half full person?  Pretty darn wonderful!  Yes, who me?  The person who has it all together?  Sure, I’ll take it!  And how does it feel to be the glass half empty person?  Pretty darn un-wonderful.  Don’t mind me.  Just off to figure out how to fix another thing that’s wrong with me.

Only there is nothing wrong with you.  It’s all BS; it simply is not true.

What if I told you that the status of “your glass” does not matter one bit?  Continue Reading

What’s In a Label?

Writer, mother, wife, friend, breast cancer sur-thriver, Truth-sayer, dreamer, seeker, lover….  So many labels!  Did I assign these to myself?  Did others assign them to me and I chose to accept them?  Are there other labels that I chose to reject, and therefore don’t appear on this list?

As you sift through the following words, commonly used as labels, pay particular attention to how (if) your feelings change while you read each one.

label Did some strike a chord?  If so, was it a happy chord or a not-so-happy chord?  Did some not render any emotion whatsoever?  (Apologies upfront for the overwhelmingly skewed negative nature of the words — I’m not techy enough to create my own list, so I borrowed from Google Images.) Continue Reading

Experience a Little Heaven on Earth

If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it.”

~ Yogi Bhajan

Yep, that just about sums up the path I’m on with trust.  I began reading about trust (trust and faith really, their subtle differences, meanings, nuances) many years ago.  Shortly after, I started writing about it, but only for myself.  Then, over three years ago I started publicly writing about trust here on Trust Life Today, followed by teaching individuals first, then later groups.

As linear of an approach as it may sound — read, write, teach — what I’ve found is now that I’m at the teaching stage of trust, I continue to read and write about it.  I still study, contemplate, question, and even meditate on trust.  Although I’ve written posts about why people don’t trust, I constantly find it surprising when they don’t.  Until one day, in the midst of life, I find myself there too, not trusting.

And then I’m reminded — trust isn’t something I have mastered, it is a daily practice.  Trust is a practice I’ve chosen to embrace.  Why?  Because my breathing slows down to a calm, steady rhythm when I trust.  Because my hot female, Mexican, Taurus, Pitta dosha, Enneagram 8, Chinese symbol fire, who-knows-what-label, does not flare as quickly when I trust.  Because I get better sleep at night when I trust.

Because I show myself and the world the best of me.
Because I feel God within me.
Because I feel peace.

Because the peace that comes from trusting feels like a little slice of Heaven on Earth to me. 

And I want more peace in my life, more God in my life, more of my best-self to show up every day in my life, and definitely more Heaven on Earth in my life.  So I have cultivated a practice of trust, and I do just that, I practice.

And I screw up.

There are times I forget what it means to trust, and to have faith, and to love myself.  I simply forget.  I slip into old patterns and behaviors.

Then…after I’m done beating myself up over the screw up, when I’m finally able to be still and quiet within my heart and mind, I give thanks.

Unfortunately, I often allow my life to become so fast and frenetic, I rush to the next thing, then the next, never stopping to realize that the irksome feeling hovering over my head like a dark, Eeyore-cloud, is actually me continuing to beat myself up unconsciously.  It is not until I slow down enough to quiet my mind and tune into my heart that I see the screw up for what it is:  an opportunity to forgive myself, to learn from the experience, to practice self-compassion, perhaps even to provide comfort or to empathize with my neighbor who may share with me something similar as we both “coincidentally” meet at our mailboxes next week, month, or year.  Glance over the previous sentence, and you will find between each comma lies the reasons I give thanks for the quote-unquote-screw-up.

Heaven on EarthIn the giving of thanks, on an energetic level I feel restored, like my inner-balance-scale had been horribly askew, and now it has settled back to the middle, not tilting one way or the other.  In that horizontal plane of my inner-scale, my practice of trust begins again.  The experience of Heaven on Earth gently nudges me and I close my eyes and smile.

From where you’re sitting and reading today’s post, you may be thinking, Right on!  I can do this!  A daily practice of trust is totally within me!  Or, you may be thinking, Is she f-ing kidding me?  She has no idea what I’m going through and if she only had a clue, she would know trust is impossible, completely impossible.  Or maybe your pendulum is swinging back and forth between the two.  Wherever you are on your path, stop now and honor it.  It is your truth.  Own it.  Then ask yourself,  Why can’t I experience a little Heaven on Earth?  Close your eyes, smile, and know you can.  Even if you think you can’t, you can.

What’s Next

Join me next week, as I talk to the group in the second bucket above, the “it’s impossible to trust” bucket.  Tune in if this is you.  If it’s not you, chances are you know someone in this bucket; consider sharing this post with them in the hopes it will get their juices flowing and prepared for what’s to come.  I look forward to seeing you next week.

In love and trust,

fall in love with life

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