How To Stop Feeling Annoyed

Oh, How This Synchronicity Wowed Me!

Do you ever have days when you just feel IRRITATED — BY — EVERYTHING?  Like everyone on the planet is conspiring to annoy you?

You go, sit with your cuppa tea, dog at your feet, and breathe.  (Not that this is me I’m writing about — heavens no!)

But the cuppa doesn’t help.  The breathing doesn’t help.  Okay, stroking the dog gently with my foot does help….  So I stroke some more.  I feel her warmth.  Her peace.  I rest my foot lightly on her torso, observing the rise and fall with each inhale and exhale.  Before I know it, my breath is aligned with hers.  I shut my eyes and smile.

Grateful.  Grateful.

Except, I never got to the bottom of the annoying feeling.  There was no pinpointing as to why it was there.  My guess is that some therapist would tell me the feeling would come back shortly because I didn’t identify the root cause and address it.



But what if life doesn’t have to be that complicated?  What if I’m simply dehydrated?  Or hormonal?  Or had poor sleep last night?  Or my ponytail is too tight and I just haven’t realized it yet?

Stroking the dog, aligning my breathing, those things help to calm my Being and put me in the right space to be grateful.

Pause….  At this point, I should tell you that the original title of this post was, “How to Self Soothe When You’re Feeling Irked.”  But I got here, to this point in writing, and noticed that my usual Grateful Practice wasn’t working.  So I continued to explore….

Taking it a step deeper.

Let’s say mere minutes after offering gratitude, your smile begins to fade, and annoyance sets back in.  You think, Damn, didn’t I just get rid of that?!

Hmm… this time you wonder, What’s at the root of this?  You remember a conversation with your spouse or the lack of conversation with a friend.  You recall a co-worker who not so gently gave you feedback (in your mind, code for criticized you).

If you’re anything like me, it’s typically not one event that causes this stir, but lots of little ones that have piled on top of each other, making the pinpointing even harder to identify.

Around this time, you look down on your desk and see this stone your mother-in-law gave you.  It sits to the left of your laptop as you work.

Yes, it has a nice, bright word on it, but more than the word, is the stone itself.  It shines so much it’s almost glossy.  Your brain itches with the trigger of the stone, the words shiny, glossy….

That’s it!  Polished!!

All at once your brain connected the dots and you remember Rumi’s words (because he’s one of your favorites!):

With the Laws of Synchronicity dancing around my head, here is the rest of my true story, unfolding real time.

Current Day & Time:  Tuesday morning, 6:06 AM (I’m writing this  post for tomorrow).

Reading Rumi’s quote, over and over, thinking how I’d like to conclude this post, I am struck by how the quote came to me, how the brain** works.

First, I was writing about feeling annoyed.  I thought gratitude had fixed it (it usually does).  Then the feeling reappeared.  I looked down and saw a stone.  Its shiny and glossy appearance reminded me of the word, “polished”.  Which triggered my brain to Rumi’s quote.  And with his words, there really isn’t much more to say.  That did it for me.  I don’t feel annoyed anymore.  I see.

(But I still need an ending to this post.  And a new title to go along with the shift I’ve taken.)

The peace I felt after reading Rumi’s words soothed me, reminding me in very simple words why we are sometimes irritated.  But how could I end my article like that?  Sure, those words did it for me (in this instance), but I’m here to share stories that I think will also help you.  And what if that just doesn’t cut it for you?

Feeling stuck, I distract myself by checking email.  Not because I want to, but because I feel drawn to.  (I rarely check my email when I’m in the middle of writing.)

I read the following comment from a reader, which was sent six minutes ago:

“Well that’s right on the mark, exactly what I needed today. I think I’ll go find a nice stone to put on my desk today. Love Nadia”

(Just to be clear, I’m writing this post, tomorrow’s post, in Pages, Apple’s version of Word;  this article has NOT been posted at the time I’m reading Nadia’s comment.)

You know that little feeling when your heart skips a beat?  Mine did that.

How did she know just minutes ago I wrote about a stone?  On my desk?!

And now she’s going to find a stone.  And put it on her desk.

While I was sorting out what had happened: that she was commenting on my most recent post about Stone Stepping, I couldn’t help but wonder:

Why had this synchronicity occurred?  She didn’t say rock, she said, “stone”.   She didn’t say she’d keep it on her vanity, in her car, or in her purse — she’d put it on her desk.  The wording and circumstances are much too EXACT for me to shrug them aside.

And I now see the bigger picture.

**It wasn’t my brain at work, as I formerly stated, it was something much, much larger.  It was how the Universe, how the Divine within each one of us “works,” that aligned all of these dots in order to teach me there’s something bigger than being annoyed or not being annoyed, and yes, that something is Trust.

Trust was the foundation holding everything together:  the stone, leading to Rumi, his words being the ones where I ‘got it’, Nadia’s comment mirroring back what I had just written — all reinforcing that without even making a conscious effort to Trust, I do, and therefore, Bam!  It all came together, annoying feeling gone, with the reinforcers of the Universe surrounding me.

At this point, I’ve gotta tell you, I’m laughing out loud as I type.  Can you imagine what an odd sensation this is to me?  To be writing and not know what words I’m going to type next?  To not follow tried and true writing techniques?  To ditch my subject, my title, and go with what the Universe is presenting to me real time instead?

And why would I ignore such a lesson, a blessing, a gift?

I wouldn’t.

I share this gift with you now:  Look, see, be aware, embrace.  Trust.


Thank you, Nadia, for sharing your comment and this gift with me.

And thank you, TLT readers, for sharing this post with others.  Lessons and gifts, man, I love this stuff!  Love, Leslie

How Would You Live if You Could Trust Life Fully?

Today’s article, “How Would You Live if You Could Trust Life Fully?” comes to us from guest blogger and friend, Doug Stearns.  As I sat down to write my last article, “Synchronicity Magnet,” I had Doug in mind.  Here’s our synchronicity story:

On my recent trip to New Mexico, I kept stumbling upon labyrinths, three to be exact.  When I mentioned this to Doug, I was shocked to hear the way we became friends began with him taking a class on labyrinths!  Long story short, he took this class and was quite moved by something the facilitator said.  So much so, that he noodled on it for several days before writing an article about it.  (This article, which you can see is completely unrelated to labyrinths.)  I found his article on the internet, it resonated with me, so I sent him an email, we emailed back and forth, and now he teaches me Quantum Physics, among other things, via phone 1-2 hours per week.  It all started with a class on labyrinths, and today:  Good Friends.  And next week?  He and I will be meeting in person in Seattle!

Okay, enough preamble.  Please join me in welcoming Doug to Trust Life Today!  I hope you enjoy his article as much as I have.


“How Would You Live if You Could Trust Life Fully?”  by Doug Stearns

During difficult times, how easy it is to think of life as a solitary experience. Alone on the rough seas of life like a shipwreck survivor on an unstable, makeshift raft, whether the victim of someone else’s actions or our own, at the mercy of the elements, it’s a common experience to conclude that this is the way it’s always going to be, that there’s no way out. However, that assumption is an illusion.

Instead, what if you knew with certainty that you could trust life completely? What if you had absolute knowledge that life would protect you in every situation and circumstance? What if you knew that every undertaking you initiate, large or small, would have an outcome filled with success? What if you knew that every part of your life experience including health, finances and relationships, would be forever heaped with overflowing abundance, regardless of short-term appearances? How would you live your life?

Can life provide this kind of shelter from the trials and sufferings of everyday events? Yes, it can. In fact, it wants to. It even needs to, but it only can if you permit it to. What’s standing between you and that kind of life experience is a shift in conscious awareness. It’s not necessarily easy to do but the process is simple in concept. It begins with an acceptance of the truth that we shape our life experiences with our thoughts.

The truth is that physical life – that experience bounded by what you hear, see, smell, taste and feel with your bodily senses, and what you remember about those sensory experiences and what you think about them – is basically an illusion. At its foundation, it is not physical. It is mental. Contemplate this for a moment. The real you isn’t your body and you know it isn’t. Nor is it the thoughts that emanate from the activity of your brain. The real you exists at a deeper level of consciousness. You are the observer within. However, it’s easy to forget because every physical perception you have comes from those five senses and what you think about them. It’s no wonder we’ve been taken in by the illusion!

Visual illusions are commonplace. Here’s one that’s fun to examine. It’s persuasive. Look at the blocks labeled A and B. Which block is the lighter shade of gray? Since you’ve been told this is an optical illusion, you know the question is a trick. Nevertheless, study it and try to determine the relative luminosities of the two blocks in question.

Gray Square Illusion
I’ve never shown this to anyone who didn’t think that block B was the lighter of the two. In every case, they were certain, in spite of the fact that they knew they were being tricked. However, they were wrong.  The truth is, A and B are the exact same shades of gray. Hard to believe? Look at the next illustration for proof.


Gray Square Illusion Proof
The second picture superimposes two vertical stripes across the picture, each shaded to the same degree as the two blocks. Look closely. It proves that A and B are identical.

So, what’s going on here? Simply stated, your eyes (or more precisely, your brain) are tricked by the shadow that extends from the green cylinder.

The human visual system has evolved to allow a person to distinguish objects in particular ways that give rise to the greatest odds for survival. It’s good at what it does. However, the system might be slightly outmoded at this stage of human evolution. Nevertheless, it persists.

This illusion tricks the visual system and nothing more. Imagine an illusion that challenges not only sight, but also hearing, taste, smell and all sense of feeling throughout the body. This includes more than the sense of touch. It includes the ability to feel heat and cold. It includes the sense of balance, the ability to stand upright and even the ability to know one is standing, not sitting.  This is the kind of illusion that our physical perceptions are responsible for generating. It is the way it is because we could not navigate physical life without it. However, that does not change the truth: what we perceive physically is not the way things truly are.

Every person is an expression of the life force. There are no exceptions. That force is an expression of consciousness. The physical realm arises out of consciousness.  The foundation of our experience is not in the physical domain, it is in consciousness. The total of consciousness is Oneness, or God. That’s why we shape our life experiences with our thoughts, without exception, whether or not we know it or believe it. In this respect, it’s like the force of gravity. It operates on us and our surroundings regardless of our desire or willingness to participate. We wouldn’t likely try to defy the force of gravity. We know we cannot. Yet we regularly try to defy the force of life.

Imagine what your life would be like if you had complete trust in Life’s ability to protect you. You can live that life. All you need do is shift your conscious awareness. You are One with consciousness and it is all Good. There is nothing outside the One that can affect you. There is nothing to fear.


This essay was inspired by the following quote by Susan L. Taylor, an editor, writer, and journalist, formerly editor-in-chief at Essence Magazine and co-founder of National CARES Mentoring Movement.

“How would you live if you felt you could trust life fully? If you believed you were totally protected and secure, that forevermore your life would be filled with love and prosperity? Think of how your fears would dissolve, of how totally accepting of yourself and others you would be–it wouldn’t matter if they met your expectations or not. Think of how you would venture forth knowing you would succeed. Think of how your heart would open, of how free you would feel. How free you would be to love. All of this is the treasure that life offers us. We just lack the consciousness to experience it.”


Doug recently launched onto a spiritual journey when he ended his 35-year business career, sold his home and set out to become a writer and teacher of the physics of Truth. For the past year and a half he’s been writing his first book, a fictional story of how a young boy helps a retired theoretical physicist make the discovery of his lifetime – scientific proof that consciousness is the foundation for all life. As the boy grows, he learns how to transform the professor’s discovery into a practice that helps thousands live happier, more abundant lives.

Doug’s web site,, explores some of his thoughts about the physics of Truth in essay form.

Synchronicity Magnet

What Is a Synchronicity Magnet?

Once, I remember sending a ‘Thank you’ email to my friend Tony, to which he responded, “My pleasure!  I’m a synchronicity magnet. :-)”  Since that day, I’ve noticed that I too am a synchronicity magnet.  Whether by his suggestion that he was, or perhaps by planting the seed that such a thing existed, all wrapped up in a clever little two word package… whatever sparked the realization in me, it’s true.  I am, in fact, a synchronicity magnet.

These things people call coincidences, or synchronicities, come in all shapes and sizes.  The small ones are cool.  The large ones are cool.  The size doesn’t really matter.  It’s the Noticing that matters.  The more you notice, the more the pieces fall together for you, illuminating your way, similar to the way a lighthouse beckons a ship.  Leading, providing comfort in the knowledge that you’re not lost at sea.

Recent Examples of Synchronicity Magnetism:

  • Last weekend I met a group of women in New Mexico for lunch.  I sat down beside the one I happened to not be acquainted with.  I soon discovered that she, along with the help of a scientist, had formulated a skin care line that virtually diminishes scar tissue.  Hey!  Give me some of that… I think I’ll be needing some here pretty soon!  (I realize I’ve been positive about my healing since this recent diagnosis, but to be honest, the idea of massive scars that ensue after a double mastectomy has not thrilled me.  Cancer is cancer and let’s get rid of it, no doubt!  However, much of my emotional state afterwards, the part I’ll see in the mirror for decades to come will serve as a reminder.  Scars?  Overt reminders?  No, I think I can do without those, thank you.)
  • Earlier last week I was intrigued by two women who were sitting at the table beside me at.  I walked up and introduced myself, only to find out that one was a healer who ran a healing center near where I was staying.  I extended my trip and spent the next three days with her, learning, absorbing, healing.
  • My same friend Tony, the original synchronicity magnet in this article, made a virtual introduction for me recently, that has blown my socks off!  He made the introduction for reason ‘A’, which has now expanded to include ‘B’, ‘C’, and ‘D’…each with a wealth of information and possibilities for me personally, as well as for Trust Life Today.
  • And Gail, sweet, sweet Gail, whose daughter literally stumbled into my table at dinner a few weeks ago (I say stumbled — someone was ‘out on the town’ that night!).  I didn’t know the daughter.  I didn’t know Gail.  But the daughter and I ended up having a mutual friend in common.  My friend and the daughter ran into each other the next day,  started talking, one thing led to another, and now I have found a resource who has shared her heart with me about undergoing the same procedure I will be experiencing.

Seriously, I could go on and on.  However, my intention was NOT to make this article full of a long list of examples.  My original intent was to share with you my belief that we’re ALL synchronicity magnets.  Our worlds unfold for us in miraculous ways.  Pay attention, please, pay attention.  Blessings surround us in every direction.

Most importantly, set your intention.  Then Believe.  My mom mentioned to me yesterday, “Isn’t it great, Leslie?  Look at all these wonderful people in your life.  It’s as if you draw them to you.”  To which I thought, yes, look at them… with a nice, wide smile on my face.

We got off the phone and the first email I opened read:

“Mark 11:24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, BELIEVE that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

Synchronicity magnets, my friends?  Yes, indeed.  Amen.


Knowing When You are Predicted to Die….

I don’t like to post so close together — this was just too bizarre for me not to write about.

I was listening to satellite radio and heard the controversy around the future over-the-counter blood test that claims it will be able to predict your life expectancy.  A few hours later, while straightening up my office, I opened a random notebook I hadn’t written in in about three years.  The page I landed on had as its header, “If I knew I had a fatal disease, would I live my life differently?”  Hmm….

First, about this test.  I won’t get too geeky on the anatomy/physiology side, although I know I have a propensity to do that.  Basically, there are these things called telomeres that are on the tips of our chromosomes.  Scientists believe that the shorter they are, the closer we are to dying.  There are currently tests that predict lifespan based on lifestyle and medical conditions/history, but this is the first one that uses blood to estimate life expectancy.

For the record, I’ll say that this is not a test I will be signing up for.  However, in this forum, I’m not going to voice my opinions any further than that.  The purpose of this article is to point out how Life presents information, or messages might be a better word, for us.

In case you can’t read my handwriting.

It is dated 9/21/08.  It reads:

If I knew I had a fatal disease, would I live my life differently?



  • tons more patience w/ everyone…w/ LIFE, no need for anger
  • face fears head on, not push fears in the back of my head, not make them bigger and allow my mind to invent fiction that spins out of control
  • be Real w/ others, all the time
  • look for love in all situations, not fear

The first thing that struck me was the synchronicity of the news piece and the content of the specific page of the notebook I had flipped to.  Next, of course, was the language I used.  Now, three years later, and I’m writing to you all, using the same words:  LIFE in all caps (interesting), Real with a capital R, writing about fear and love.  [For new readers, check out “Fear vs. Love” – it was one of the first articles I wrote for this blog.]

Blood test aside, but the question still valid, if you had a fatal disease, would you live your life differently?  And a bigger question for myself:

Why would it take knowing I had a fatal disease in order for me to live by those few bullet points above?

There’s nothing terribly WOW about any of my bullet points.  I didn’t say, I’ll travel around the world, blowing all the money known to man.  What I listed were simple, basic things.  How close am I today to living that list?  How close are you today to living your list?

Go make it and get back to me.  Sharing your list feels freeing (as I’m about to hit the ‘Publish’ button, I can already feel it).  After you share your list with me, let me know if it’s only for my eyes, or if you’d like me to share it.

Off you go!  Make your list!