It’s Time to Rally

Today’s the day, my friends.

It’s time to RALLY.  As you pray, yes, also rally.

Rally for the surgeons in the operating room.  Rally for their assistants.  Rally for the numerous medical staff that will be caring for me during and after the operation.  Rally for my husband, mother, and close girlfriend who are sitting out in the waiting room, that their nerves and hearts may be at peace.  Rally for my children, as they sit in school, filled with emotions that none of their classmates are probably aware of.


For the past year or so, this Willow Tree figurine has sat on my bathroom countertop, centered between two others (BRIGHT STAR and REMEMBER).  The card that came with my COURAGE figurine says:

Courage:  “Bringing a triumphant spirit, inspiration and courage.” 

Rally for me as I do my part:  Trust.  Triumph.