Let Go of the Rice

Oh My, What’s This??

Last week I finished a manuscript I have been working on for what feels like all of my life.  I don’t say that in an ominous or overly dramatic way, but in a matter-of-fact sort of way — that’s just the way it feels.  I have lived, breathed, and dreamed within the words of this manuscript, for what feels like ages.

I sometimes wonder if I was born with this book already inside me.  I kinda think I was.  Like back in May of 1970, when Dr. Whitton delivered me, he turned to my parents and exclaimed, “It’s a girl!” then added, ”Oh my, what’s this?  What are these papers??”

The writing process is one that’s all consuming, at least for this particular girl.  It’s a slow-high, brain-churning exercise, filled with more delete-backspacing than forward keystrokes at times.  But it fills me up.  From tip to toe.

I’ve found that writing is a process of letting go.  With each word I type, delete, re-type, massage into sentence structures — ultimately, I must let go.  Let go of my attachment to the words, to their message, to whether or not they will be embraced, rejected, cherished, ignored, rebuffed….  After all, that’s what trust is all about — letting go.

To trust is to let go of your anger, worries, fears, demons — whatever is gripping you.  However, like some things in life, trust and letting go can easily fall into the category of “easier said than done” — until you learn how, that is. Continue Reading

7 Things to Lose If You Want to Win

Win What?…  The Grand Prize: YOU

Last week I wrote that Tigger is my least favorite Pooh-character, true.  Tigger with his big plans and grand gestures, none of which he follows through on.  Of course that would get under the skin of a self-declared “do-er.”  Least favorite character or not, Dude does a lot of things RIGHT!  Things I could learn to embrace.  So this week, I shall ditch my Rabbit-nature and take my inner-Tigger for a spin (if I can manage to get out of the parking lot!).

lose yourself

Lose What Exactly?  Lose Yourself

Let’s Get Lost Together:

  1. Lose the disciplined approach.  This means lose the plan.  Screech!!  Do I hear the distinct sounds of brakes being slammed on already?  Take heart, this is just trying something on to see how it feels.  You don’t have to stay with it long-term.  Think of this one as permission to live as you feel.  Yes—Live. As. You. Feel!  (I think we’re not only off the brakes now, but up-shifting pretty fast….)
  2. Lose the role you normally play.  This is nothing more than a role you’ve assigned yourself and grown comfortable with.  This role says, “I like this, and I don’t like that.”  It says, “I spend my leisure time doing this, but never doing that.”  If you’re anything like I am, you like what you like, and you know what you like.  BUT, if you’re honest with yourself, there are many things you’ve never tried, all because your broken record bellows: I like what I like!  This is who I am!!  But who’s to say there’s something out there that you or I won’t like even more?  Something that might help us grow in amazing and beautiful ways?  Maybe grow more into the REAL YOU and the REAL ME than we ever knew possible. Continue Reading

What Do “Coming Out” And My Rabbit-Nature Have To Do With Addiction?


I’m Rabbit.  Who Are You?

Are you a huge Winnie-the-Pooh fan?  Maybe not now as an adult, but were you once as a child?  It’s no secret, I still am!  Yep, at 42, I still love me some Pooh-Bear.

It wasn’t that long ago when I’d sit in meetings, look around the conference table, and before too long, Tigger would show up, and Eeyore, and aye-yai-yai, Owl too.  Tiggers would always catch my attention.  How could they not, as they bounced in, usually declaring,  “Wouldn’t it be great if….”  Tigger, with his ‘pie-in-the-sky, no-action-behind-his-words’ ideas. Continue Reading

How To Make The Invisible Visible: An Interview With Mark Nepo

“Conversations” With Mark Nepo

I’m so excited to share with you Trust Life Today’s very first “Conversations” — what I hope will be engaging conversations with inspiring thought leaders from around the globe (or sometimes, from just around the corner).  😉

Listen in as I chat with bestselling author Mark Nepo, the man who wanted to major in life.  Many of us were first introduced to Mark after his book, The Book of Awakening, landed at the top of Oprah’s Ultimate Favorites List.

Today we’ll be discussing his new book, Seven Thousand Ways To Listen.  If you’ve been following my last several posts, you already know that Mark approaches listening from many angles.  In today’s podcast, here are a few of the topics Mark shares with us:

  • seeing the Oneness of all things, how we’re connected
  • the role artists play
  • returning to our center after losing our context
  • knowing when to keep our “appointments” and when to let go
  • and also where Trusting Life fits inContinue Reading