Do You Struggle With Goodbyes?

Practicing Goodbyes

A friend recently sent me some of his favorite Richard Bach quotes. Among them was this one:

“Don’t be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. 

And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.”

Like you, I’m not crazy about goodbyes. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten better at them, but I sometimes wonder if it’s only been through sheer practice. Is that how the military kids I grew up with dealt with goodbyes? Through practice?

Or, is there a different mind-set that helps us through goodbyes? Like so many aspects in our lives, is it more a matter of how we choose to think about a given situation? How we choose to perceive our reality?

Shift in Perception

Take a second to re-read the quote, absorb it:

“Don’t be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.”

After a few go’s at the quote, I noticed a shift in perception. What did it for me was the second sentence:

“A farewell is necessary before you can meet again.”

Oh! Okay, I see. In order to rejoice in meeting again, there must first be a farewell. A stop and a start. An end and a beginning.

Essentially, when we kiss our kids good-night, we’re giving them a farewell, a practice we start when they’re infants. Of course, they are just in another room, but this act of ‘farewell’ leads to an opportunity to meet them again, the following morning. The same occurs with our partners when we go our separate ways in the morning.

This quote reaches a crescendo with the last sentence, “And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.” Think about that. Moments or lifetimes. For those who are friends.

Moments and Lifetime Feelings

I’ve experienced moments, mere seconds, away from a beloved friend that have felt like a lifetime—as if the second the door shut behind them, I already yearned for their return. It’s a lot like my yellow Lab. I can leave the house for a moment, say, to check the mail, and return to a dog who acts as if I’ve been gone years. She’s genuinely over-the-moon to see me. On the other hand, I’ve spent a lifetime away from certain friends, only to reconnect decades later and have it feel as if we had seen one other yesterday.

For all of us, we have experienced these moments and lifetime feelings.

Instead of being dismayed by goodbyes, perhaps our focus should lie in the rejoicing of meeting again. I like that. Thinking about goodbyes in this context brings me comfort.

But what if there’s still more….

No Such Thing as Goodbye

What if there are NO goodbyes among friends? I’m not talking about acquaintances here, I’m talking about *friends*. Those special souls with whom you’ve formed a heart-connection. Whether this connection is formed in person, over the phone, through emails, back and forth in texts, or even after a one time meeting. Regardless of how they’re formed, true connections exist. And when these friends truly dwell in your heart, are you ever really separated? I believe the answer is NO.

My hope is that your heart holds such friends—and holds them in such a way that you don’t feel separated by distance, but instead, you feel the Oneness that connects us all.


Doug, thank you for sending the Bach quotes. You, my friend, dwell in my heart.

Thank you Friends, especially to those who See me. Those who have been in my life for Moments AND a Lifetime. As I prepare to move my family halfway across the country, I know there is no goodbye among friends.


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glass half full

Continue On One’s Path, Move Forward, Journey

In the Native American Yuman language, Mii Amo means:

To continue on one’s path, moving forward, or journey.

During a recent trip to celebrate our health, a girlfriend and I visited the Mii Amo Spa, located in Sedona, Arizona.  What an ideal location to Celebrate-Self!

As we were getting settled into our room, we noticed scrolls on our beds.

Their contents set the tone for the quiet introspection that would follow:

Everything is as it should be and I recognize the perfection in my life daily.

Today, I will do my best and trust that is enough.

I am responsible for my attitude and I look for the good in everything.

I create my own reality, and I focus on what is good and right in my life and the world around me.

My positive attitude reflects in the people I come in contact with today.

I release my need to be a victim, realizing I always have a choice.

Opportunities abound for me always.

I release the need to please all of the people all of the time, and recognize it is enough to please myself.

(These intentions are to help guide your discoveries and the transformations you may make during your journey.)

Eight short lines.  Eight deep intentions.  Eight meaningful prayers.

What a beautiful way to start a journey.

What a beautiful way to Start. Each. Day. of your Life.

Love, Leslie

I hope you enjoyed today’s Friday-short and find it useful in your life.   I’m still incorporating this as a new habit — repeating these words each morning to set my intention for the day.

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Have I Been Able to Keep the Weight Off?

Introducing My Secret Sauce

A few months ago I tried a weight loss program and lost the remaining weight my breast surgeon had encouraged me to lose.  (I had packed on a few pounds post mastectomy, and it was time to shed them.)  After completing the HCG Diet, I wrote a post entitled, “How I Lost My Last 14 Pounds.”  In it, I shared with you:

and most importantly (so you told me)….

I provided a day by day reading of my bathroom scale so you could follow along and get a feel for my results.

It’s safe to say, it was a full disclosure type of article.

I received a lot of mail after that post.  By far, the number one comment/question was this:

“Anyone can lose weight only eating 500 calories per day.  As soon as you go back to your normal eating habits, won’t you regain it all?”

[Btw, the HCG drops completely took away my hunger, so only eating 500 calories per day was not a problem for me.]

I’ve been waiting to write a follow up, knowing that I’d need some time to pass so that I could 1) resume my normal eating habits and 2) continue to monitor the scale.

Seven weeks have now passed since I finished the program, entering what the book refers to as the Maintenance Phase, which is basically how you choose to eat going forward.  That means seven weeks that I have NOT been following any part of the program  — simply eating what I’d like, and weighing myself daily to keep an eye on my weight.  [I really don’t want a two pound gain to turn into a four pound gain, then six, then before you know it, I’m back at a 14 pound gain.]

During these seven weeks I took a pretty swanky vacation (food-wise) to New York City, where there was no scale in my hotel room.  I also recently spent one week in New Mexico, with relatively little control over what I was served (I was a guest, staying in someone’s home).  I arrived home yesterday, weighing myself for the first time, today.

Despite the New York vacation, the New Mexico trip (where I also didn’t weigh myself), and going back to eating things like pizza, potato chips, and desserts, I’ve lost an additional two pounds, making my grand total 16 pounds lost.

And I can assure you I’m eating way more than 500 calories per day.  Oh, and I haven’t exercised in probably two months — my routine is horribly off right now — crazy, hectic summer.

So you wonder, will this program work for you?

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, this plan is extremely detailed.  It’s simple, but you must follow it closely.

If the HCG Diet does work for you, will you be able to keep the weight off?

Here are my two cents….

After completing the diet, my cravings had completely disappeared, which was a huge score.  My body felt as if it had been through a cleanse.  All of the vegetables I had been eating, along with the lean meat and especially eliminating sugar during the Transition Phase helped “re-set” my palate.

Cravings aside, palate back-on-track aside, the main reason I believe I’ve been able to maintain is this:

I have found Balance.

Balance in the way we eat is key in maintaining a healthy weight.

Balance is the Secret Sauce.

Balance with food.
Balance in relationships.
Balance in how we spend our time.


Look at your life.  Where are you out of balance?  Are you overweight?  Are you in constant break-up mode?  Do you spend all of your time at work?

Posing these questions to you has forced me to look inward and ask the same questions of myself.

I immediately see where I’m out of balance.  Do you?  I‘m not being cheeky here.  Seriously, do you?

Just so you know, I knew what my out of balance area was before I asked the question, but I was choosing to ignore it… kinda sweeping it under the rug.  But, now that I’ve brought it to the surface, it’s time to address it.

So, to answer the question in today’s title:  “Have I Been Able to Keep the Weight Off?”  Yes.  And I have to be honest, it feels really good.

But I’d like to apply this Secret Sauce to the broader picture:  My Life.

How do we do that?

Head on.  Onward!  I’m off to reclaim my balance… join me?


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Love, Leslie


Peace Can Be Fun!

Yes!  Peace can be fun — and is fun at Peace Village!

In our last post, “What’s the Name of Your Village?” I shared with you many of the classes and activities the campers engaged in throughout the week.  From meditation to walking the labyrinth, from learning about nature and nutrition, to experiencing the wonders of Mother Earth.  All the while, having fun in a relaxing, loving, and peaceful environment.

Here, see for yourself….

Peace Village is surrounded by these majestic mountains:


Classes were held both indoors and outdoors:

Peace Village Co-Directors:

Co-Directors Susan Finch (left) and Kaylah Glasgow (right)
Thank you BOTH for all of your heart and soul.


I met Barbara last summer and we instantly became fast friends.
Thanks to her generosity, Peace Village has been held at her High Mesa Healing Center for the past nine years.


As I’ve said on numerous occasions, I believe we, as humans, seek Peace more than anything else.  That’s right.  More than love.  More than happiness.  I believe we seek Peace.

Thank you, TLT readers, for accompanying me on this journey.  As a lasting reminder, as we depart Peace Village this week, please join me in reading the words on the “exit sign” of the High Mesa Healing Center:







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