A Not So Common Prayer

common prayer

“A Green Prayer” by Muller Davis


A few years ago, while walking around the streets of Santa Fe, New Mexico, I glanced over and this piece of art caught my eye. I was drawn to it. The simplicity of it. The colors: green for Life and Nature, a hint of yellow for Happiness. The prayerful hands, the serene, closed eyes, and the head ever so slightly bowed in prayer.

I flipped it over and read the title: “A Green Prayer.” Next, I glanced down at the artist’s name: Muller Davis.  Green—my last name.  Davis—my son’s first name. A HAPPY, PEACEFUL feeling overcame me. Sold!

Right before going into the hospital for a bi-lateral mastectomy (following a breast cancer diagnosis), my “Sisters” on so many levels held a sacred evening of love for me and my family. There were many beautiful rituals performed that evening, which wove together to present a complete ceremony, marking the healing journey I had just begun. One of the rituals was a prayer circle. Going around the circle, one at a time, each person offered up a one to two word prayer for me (presented below). As each person said their prayer, I looked them in the eye, felt their love and sincerity, accepted their profound gift and blessing, and offered gratitude.

As the last person spoke, I realized that their prayers made up “A Green Prayer”…not your common prayer, but a visual prayer that appeared to me in a piece of art. With their heartfelt words, my Sister-Friends had embodied the same simple, beautiful, circular flow the artist had portrayed in the piece of art I’d been so drawn to. And once again, I felt Happy. Peaceful.

My prayer for you today is this: May you feel the sense of happiness and peace in your life that you so deserve. Claim it…even if yours doesn’t look like a common prayer…CLAIM IT.

Here are their prayers:


Susan:  Comfort

Christian:  Trust Life

Brady:  Trust

Davis:  Confidence

Anne:  Agape

Kathleen M.:  Happiness

Janna:  Wasah

Robin:  Admiration

Jo:  Bravery

Tracy:  Love

Alice:  Light and Healing

Amy:  No Chemo

Kathleen Z.:  Perfection
Jessica:  Divine Light

Nancy:  Letting Go

Kathy:  In The Moment

Alison:  NOW

 And so it is.  Amen.

Reconnect With Yourself

Does the title of today’s post speak to you? Maybe. Or do you find it to be on the airy-fairy, hippy-dippy side?  Maybe. Feel free to place any label on today’s article that you want, but please stop the habit of labeling yourself. And especially stop using the categories/labels of good and bad, right and wrong, with yourself.

Today is Father’s Day…which reminds me of the time following the passing of my step-father two and a half years ago. For weeks I didn’t much want to write. Or read. Or talk. Or play with my dog. Or engage with my family. I remember having such a horrible sore throat I didn’t even want to sip my cuppa tea. Luckily, I had the flu, so I got an easy-out on all of it.

Yet an old, nagging habit wanted to label my mood, my lack of energy, my sadness with the words: bad and wrong. Those are bad characteristics, wrong tendencies. I was extremely critical of myself for not being more productive, not returning phone calls faster, not immediately writing thank-you notes to those special friends who sent flowers to Dad’s funeral. And the deluge of rain we were experiencing didn’t help.

What did help, was remembering that nothing is ever completely wrong. Walking through our foyer to my office, I often glance over at the stopped grandfather clock and think, Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Reconnect With Yourself

Good. Bad. Right. Wrong. The Buddhist nun Pema Chodron sums it up best:

We could learn to stop when the sun goes down and when the sun comes up. We could learn to listen to the wind; we could learn to notice that it’s raining or snowing or hailing or calm. We could reconnect with the weather that is ourselves, and we could realize that it’s sad. The sadder it is, and the vaster it is, the more our heart opens. We can stop thinking that good practice is when it’s smooth and calm, and bad practice is when it’s rough and dark. If we can hold it all in our hearts, then we can make a proper cup of tea.”

reconnect with yourself

The tea that Chodron speaks of here is not simply tea one sips, it is the tea that provides sustenance to the soul.

Love yourself enough today to provide a quiet space for sustenance to enter your soul. Or a loud space. Or a dancing, jumping space. Or a crying space. No labels, categories, or judgement, just allow as you reconnect with yourself.

glass half full

Do you know someone who could benefit from tapping in to more love and trust? Don’t be shy, please share. You never know, this might be just the thing they’ve been searching for!

There is a whole community of people sharing, learning, and growing together on Love, Trust & Pixie Dust. Come grow with us. Click here and join in on the conversation.  

In love and trust,

P.S. Happy Father’s Day today!

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Release Yourself From Emptiness

Excited and Scared

Have you ever felt excited and scared at the same time? Is it even possible?

Of course it is!

And that is exactly where I sit today. And probably where I’ll still be sitting tomorrow.

See, there are two big additions on the horizon:

1) there’s the kick-off of a new workshop on how to LOVE & TRUST yourself (100% excited, 0% scared)


2) the debut of a new radio show is fast approaching  (Aye yai yai…I’m too scared to even break down the percentages…I don’t want to frighten myself more!)

But here’s the kicker: don’t I have a belief system that says everything happens for a reason? Everything happens for a purpose? To trust is to let go and believe all works out for your higher good?

So why the fear?

Because trust isn’t something we master in a day. Trust is a daily practice. And just like you, I continue to practice it each and every day. Just like you, some days are better than others. Some situations are better than others. My goal is to become aware of the situations that trigger fear and discover what underlying feelings are lurking in the pond below…just below the surface…that pond that is all too easy to ignore and swim away from, claiming it’s too murky to see below its rippled edge, so I’ll just keep swimming until I reach the edge, hoist myself out of the water in one swift movement, and walk—maybe run—away hoping the more distance I create the more the fear will vanish. Except it doesn’t.

Why not just dive in?  Why swim, walk, run at all?

Sometimes we are just not ready.  Sometimes there are lessons to learn along the way that we might miss if we never felt the fear, explored the feelings beneath it, and worked through those feelings and experiences.  Those lessons, feelings, and experiences are exactly what allow us to grow.

So for today, I choose NOT to let go of my fear and NOT to hold on to it either.  I choose to feel the feelings underneath the fear, to become aware of what experiences are presenting themselves to contribute to my growth, and I will even up my game one notch and actually try to be thankful for the fear.

At this time I’d like to thank YOU.  Just by reading my words, by allowing me to write them in a place where you visit and take them in, you have allowed me to acknowledge and release some of my fear.  It is no longer bottled up in my mind;  the more I allow it to release, the more it is set free.  The more I AM SET FREE.  Thank you.

EXCITED and Scared

Just Love & Trust:  Simple Tools for Trust in Action – yes, I am 100% excited and 0% scared about the new, upcoming workshop!  I’ve worked really hard to offer a full-sensory experience for you (you’ll see what I mean!).  The number of participants is limited to 20:  a small-ish, manageable, and intimate number.  Please click on the link to read more about what you can expect.  I hope to see you soon!

Excited and SCARED

Beginning February 4, 2015 please tune-in to listen to Love, Trust & Pixie Dust on eWN Radio Network.  I will be broadcasting every Wednesday at 11:00 AM CST.  No worries if you’re not available at 11:00 AM Wednesdays, shortly after the show airs it will be converted into a podcast, so you can always listen to the show at a time that’s convenient for you.

excited and scared

Is there something you’re excited and scared about?  Begin with the first step:  become aware of it.  Now let’s get it out of your mind, let’s make it more real:  acknowledge it by sharing with someone.  Would you like the anonymity of sharing with a stranger?  Then share with me.  You can email your fear and excitement to Leslie@TrustLifeToday.com — and I won’t even make you do anything about it (not unless you want me to!).  😉  It’s not uncommon that in simply sharing with another, the process of releasing and letting go is activated.

Start today.  I did.  And I already feel so much better.  Again, thank you.

If today’s message spoke to you, won’t you please share it on Facebook or forward to a friend?  You never know, it might be just the thing someone in your circle of friends is meant to experience today.  Thank you!


Zumba and The Art of Trust

“Today, at age 44, I took my first Zumba class.  You’ll either know what I mean or not…but it was a total TRUST thing.  Glad I did it!”

And there you have it, a post on my Facebook page after attending my first, but NOT my last Zumba class.

What does Zumba have to do with trust?  Everything.

See, every time we step out of our comfort zone, every time we push ourselves to do something new, different, and a wee bit scary, we are trusting ourselves.  And in trusting ourselves, we are allowing ourselves to experience more of what life has to offer—in essence, we are allowing ourselves to grow more into WHO WE ARE.

By tasting more of life, you are trusting life.

Taste more, trust more.  Trust more, taste more.  The cycle works in both directions, back and forth.  As it works in both directions, the snowball continues to grow…in a good way, not a bad one.

If you were born to dance, with a natural swing in your hips and a persistent rhythm or beat thrumming in your head, this example probably makes no sense to you.  Like I said on Facebook…”You’ll either know what I mean or not.”  But if you’re like me, someone who prefers silence in her head, and deeper, a little girl who grew up believing swinging-hips were meant for other girls, the thought of dancing, and dancing in public (!!), was more than a wee bit scary.

I do not drink alcohol.  I have nothing against alcohol, I simply don’t like the taste.  At least that’s what I’ve always told myself…or is it that deep down within the quiet places inside me, I’m afraid of losing control?  I have never tried pot.  I was teased in high school for it:  “Oh, you think you’re too good or something?”  No.  Not at all.  It just never seemed like an especially good idea to me.  Or again, was I too scared of the unknown?

No drinking.  No drugs.  And no dancing?!  Girl, live a little!  So I did.  I danced.  I moved my hips.  I raised my arms above my head and swung them wildly.  And you know what else?  I smiled like a lunatic the entire time!  Later that day, after the music had left my head, a bit of it remained in my cells…and in that moment I could easily place the feeling that had created the genuine child-like-beaming-smile:  I felt free.  I trusted myself, I let go, and I felt FREE.

That is the art of trust.

That’s what trust is all about.  We trust in order to let go.  We trust to find our inner peace.  And what does inner peace feel like?  Your inner peace is the feeling of freedom.

Consider these facts: I have studied trust for 16 years, I write about trust, I coach one-on-one on trust, next month I will start offering trust workshops for small groups of women, yet it is still a daily practice of mine.  I have not mastered it.  But I am very, very good at it now, and I can show you how to become good at it, too.

If learning to trust yourself, to let go, and to feel free sound inviting to you, consider yourself officially invited!  Mark your calendar for January 31, 2015.  I will be offering my first, but NOT last trust workshop in the Dallas area (limit 20 participants).

Stay tuned here on my blog or on the Trust Life Today Facebook page for more details and information on how to sign up.

I look forward to connecting with you:  leave a comment, send a private message (leslie@trustlifetoday.com), or come see me soon in person.  Until then…whatever you choose to be, do, or try for the first time, OWN IT!

the art of trust