48 Hours

I’m overwhelmed with the kindness and love I’ve received since my most recent post.  Your comments, emails, texts, even your rituals performed in seeing me as whole and healed are appreciated more than you know.  Truly, thank you.

As I wrote before, I am honoring myself as whole and healed right from the beginning.  Part of that healing has manifested in a 48 hour girl’s trip with one of my closest friends, my mother-in-law.  I captured it in photograph form specifically to share with you.  (Sorry Tracy, I’m no photographer…this is just me and my iPhone.)

We were surrounded with beautiful scenery in each outdoor dining experience in Santa Fe.

Harry's Roadside Grill (best coconut cream pie I've EVER had!)

Luminaria Restaurant at the Inn at Loretto


Next stop, the plaza in Santa Fe.  The art, the culture, and the mercados are all so colorful and uplifting!


After 24 hours of shopping and eating, the next leg of the trip took place an hour north of Santa Fe in a town called Ojo Caliente, home of a spa by the same name.  Ojo Caliente has a variety of natural mineral pools, each serving its own medicinal purpose.  My favorite was the mud pool, but I also enjoyed all of the others.

Slathered in mud!


Mud dries fast in this climate/altitude!



More of my favorite features of Ojo Caliente:


I did numerous walking meditations around this labyrinth.



Ojo Caliente Spa at dusk


Fire pit - where I'm sitting, although it's dark now.


Tomorrow morning I’ll be starting my day off with a nice hike:


Thank you, Nancy for coordinating this wonderful, healing getaway.

And thank YOU for joining me in seeing me as whole.  As healed.  Much love, Leslie