Trust or Lazy?

I adore my dog Libby.  Simply adore her.  She’s my companion, the only other female energy in a house full of males, and according to my son, if only she had been a Black Lab instead of a Yellow Lab, it would be appropriate to change her name to Shadow since that’s what she is to me…my perpetual shadow.  (“Save it for the next dog,” my other son offered up.  “You know that one will follow Mom around too.”)

And although Libby does follow me from room to room, at my heels every moment of the day, I believe I observe her probably more than she observes me.  In the past seven years worth of observations, I’ve noticed she has a knack for positioning herself in the EXACT spot to be tripped on (and with these boys, sometimes trampled).

Family members walk OVER her all the time.  She NEVER moves.  I step over her when I cook.  When I wash dishes.  I’ve been known to straddle her body when I wash my face at night.  She’ll fall asleep in the room I exercise in with my boys, and doesn’t budge, despite the fact that we’re jumping, lunging, and kicking – – at times, less than an inch from her nose or a paw.


Libby on the stairs

Libby's favorite sleeping spot. And yes, we step over her here, too, no matter how much stuff we happen to be carrying.


Someone else might see this lack of desire to move on her part as lazy.  Others might say she’s stupid.  (Hello, she’s a Lab.  She’s anything but stupid.)  I’ve always figured she just Trusts.  If she didn’t have the Trust that she has, I don’t think she’d be so peaceful each time we step over her or come within an inch of her nose.  She simply isn’t worried that we’re going to step on her.  There’s no anxiety whatsoever.

I like that.  No worry.  No anxiety.  Only Trust.

Thanks, Libby.  You’re an excellent teacher.


Here are a few non-Libby pictures, but all VERY cute and remind me of Trust: