Happy Anniversary To YOU, One Year From Today….

It’s almost eight o’clock in the evening on September 7th, 2015. I have been practicing a form of gratefulness for the last two months or so. The first task I do is list three new things I’m grateful for.

When I think about what I’m grateful for and couple that with today’s date, I can’t help but remember that exactly four years ago at this time I was lying in a hospital bed after having both of my breasts removed.

No, I’ve never quite said it like that before. Yes, I know the correct term is bi-lateral mastectomy and the more common term is double mastectomy. But that’s what happened. Both of my breasts were removed and I have been absolutely flooded with gifts-of-life ever since.

These gifts-of-life are my gratitude today. Here are three of many:

  1. I am four years cancer-free…healthy, whole, healed, joy-filled, peaceful
  2. I have given myself permission to have friend-divorces…letting go of those friends who simply drain, drain, drain…and keeping those close who fill, fill, fill
  3. I see my beauty, even on days I don’t wash my hair. The picture is sooo much bigger! Being a woman is sooo much sweeter!

I remember lying in my hospital bed and seeing it was nearing eight o’clock. The sun was going down rapidly and all of my visitors were gone for the day. With my eyes staring into the nothingness that lay beyond the window, I became very still. I tried to detach all of my senses with the exception of my sense of smell. As I allowed my eyes to drift out of focus I inhaled slowly and deeply until I could distinguish the different smells of the flowers that adorned the perimeter of my room, each scent its own message of Love.    

I found so much peace in the smell of Love. I found peace in the way I “did” cancer—probably because I did cancer my way—never giving a damn if people agreed with my way or not. It wasn’t for them to agree or disagree with. The popularity contest was over. I won…and the prize was more peace. 

May you, too, feel that peace. May I feel it in other areas of my life.

May we live peace.

Happy 4-year anniversary to me. And happy anniversary to YOU, one year from today, as you make today a new beginning in some love-filled endeavor. Amen.



happy anniviersary

The day it all began….

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glass half full

A Not So Common Prayer

common prayer

“A Green Prayer” by Muller Davis


A few years ago, while walking around the streets of Santa Fe, New Mexico, I glanced over and this piece of art caught my eye. I was drawn to it. The simplicity of it. The colors: green for Life and Nature, a hint of yellow for Happiness. The prayerful hands, the serene, closed eyes, and the head ever so slightly bowed in prayer.

I flipped it over and read the title: “A Green Prayer.” Next, I glanced down at the artist’s name: Muller Davis.  Green—my last name.  Davis—my son’s first name. A HAPPY, PEACEFUL feeling overcame me. Sold!

Right before going into the hospital for a bi-lateral mastectomy (following a breast cancer diagnosis), my “Sisters” on so many levels held a sacred evening of love for me and my family. There were many beautiful rituals performed that evening, which wove together to present a complete ceremony, marking the healing journey I had just begun. One of the rituals was a prayer circle. Going around the circle, one at a time, each person offered up a one to two word prayer for me (presented below). As each person said their prayer, I looked them in the eye, felt their love and sincerity, accepted their profound gift and blessing, and offered gratitude.

As the last person spoke, I realized that their prayers made up “A Green Prayer”…not your common prayer, but a visual prayer that appeared to me in a piece of art. With their heartfelt words, my Sister-Friends had embodied the same simple, beautiful, circular flow the artist had portrayed in the piece of art I’d been so drawn to. And once again, I felt Happy. Peaceful.

My prayer for you today is this: May you feel the sense of happiness and peace in your life that you so deserve. Claim it…even if yours doesn’t look like a common prayer…CLAIM IT.

Here are their prayers:


Susan:  Comfort

Christian:  Trust Life

Brady:  Trust

Davis:  Confidence

Anne:  Agape

Kathleen M.:  Happiness

Janna:  Wasah

Robin:  Admiration

Jo:  Bravery

Tracy:  Love

Alice:  Light and Healing

Amy:  No Chemo

Kathleen Z.:  Perfection
Jessica:  Divine Light

Nancy:  Letting Go

Kathy:  In The Moment

Alison:  NOW

 And so it is.  Amen.

Hope, Heart, and Health: A Tribute to What Cancer is NOT

Three years ago, on this very day, many of you were praying for me as I went into the hospital to undergo a bi-lateral mastectomy.  Today is a day of celebration and I feel blessed, Blessed, BLESSED!

You may recall in 2011 when this healing journey began, I asked you to do one thing:  To see me as Whole.  As already healed…in the present tense.  And you did.  Thank you.

Over the three-plus years since the diagnosis that started it all, I have learned more than I’d sometimes care to remember about cancer:  the logistics of maneuvering the in’s and out’s, the physical aspects, and the emotional and psychological splat of it.  That’s what it often feels like—SPLAT!—out of control and smearing in so many different directions, there’s no way to contain your emotions at times.

But here’s one thing I’ve found to be true of cancer:  no two experiences are the same.  Everyone lives their own, unique experience.  It’s the same with divorce.  With childbirth.  With attending university.  We each travel our own, distinct journey, framing our own, remarkable path.

There are certain journeys and paths that do not have to be….    Continue Reading

We Do Not Discuss Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is not a topic in our house.  It is very rarely mentioned in conversation, if ever.  That’s not to say it’s off-limits — if my sons have a question, all they have to do is ask.

But see, we lived through it, and now we’re done.  BUT I NEVER, EVER WANT MY BOYS TO FORGET.  Because cancer is not a focal point, it could easily become forgotten — you know, the stuff that “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” is made of.  And I do not want that.  I don’t want my boys growing up, burying a part of our family’s story, and with that burial, missing the opportunity to give thanks and offer gratitude for how extremely fortunate we are.

So we take a specific day as a family to openly rejoice in the blessings of good health (and hopefully silently rejoice every other day of the year).  Today was the day to shout from the rooftops.  Today was the day to SOAR!

This morning, as my feet blindly searched for the wooly slippers that awaited them beside my bed, I gave thanks, as I do every morning…but I extended that gratitude with every step throughout the day.  Each step upstairs to wake my boys, hand them their walk-shirts, pin our numbers on, smile for the camera — through all of it, I gave thanks.  And I can only hope they did, too.

We walked beside hundreds of smiling people, all celebrating Life.  The walkers’ dogs even appeared to have smiles on their faces as they panted through the thick, muggy Dallas morning.  Click, click, click went the doggy toenails as they pranced down the road, happy little souls.  Souls who always appear grateful.

As I walked, I surveyed my boys’ faces.  My husband’s face.  I became aware of the slight hint of a smile on my own face and in the creases around my eyes.  And I knew those were the smiles of peace.  The peace one feels when you trust that all is well.

All is well, my friends.  Take a look around you, within you, walk to the mirror if you need to and look into your own eyes, inhaling and exhaling slowly until the peace arrives.  Hold it there, allow it to settle.  And give thanks.

We may not discuss breast cancer much.  But we sure do honor and celebrate the absence of it!

breast cancer

I’d like to offer a huge THANK YOU to the Cancer Support Community of Dallas for putting on such a top-notch event!  My family and I look forward to supporting you every year in the One Run and throughout the year in your numerous, generous endeavors.  For those who are unfamiliar with the Cancer Support Community (formerly known as Gilda’s Club), they provide programs and support to all patients AND their caregivers, children, etc. who are touched by cancer — all free of charge.  They are an amazing organization with a huge heart.  Look them up and see if one is in your city.

Subdued family pose:

breast cancer

breast cancer

Warming up a little….

2 Years Cancer-Free:

breast cancer

breast cancer

After the walk, watch him celebrate, see him SOAR:

breast cancer

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