I’ve Even Surprised Myself with Today’s Topic

No, it’s not a “Measures of Success (Me. Icing on the Cake. Orgasm.) Part 2” or anything like that — boy, did you all send me some comments on that one!  It’s just that today’s topic is something that has been written about so many times, with seemingly NO new material.  Every time I see the word, I skip past it and move on to something “better” to read.  I’ve even attended a three day seminar where an entire day was dedicated to exercise after exercise on this topic:


Was I right?  As soon as you read it, did you want to move on?  Maybe.  But hang on for a sec.  I think we all know how important forgiveness is.  We’ve heard how forgiveness is first and foremost something that we do for OURSELVES, not for the other person.  The healing that’s involved.  The ability to move forward.

Wait, let me do a quick Google search…

…The Top 5 Reasons To Forgive:

1. You will feel better and laugh more.
2. You will be healthier.
3. People will like you better.
4. You will stop the constant suffering.
5. You have punished yourself long enough.

All five are true (hmm, I say that loosely — #3??…whatever).  And all of these things are good, positive points; please don’t think I’m making this topic out to be picayune, because I’m not.  I’m just saying, I haven’t read anything NEW about forgiveness in a very long time.  So when I opened one of my favorite standbys, The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo, I was pleasantly surprised to read what I consider to be:

A Fresh Slant On Forgiveness

Nepo writes, “…the mystery of true forgiveness waits in letting go of our ledgers of injustice and retribution in order to regain the feeling in our heart.”

He continues, “And so, I am forced to look into my own small life, into my own small and all-consuming pains, and ask, Who am I?  Why can’t I forgive the wrongs done me?  Why can’t I, more than forgive, begin to trust again?”

Whether you have someone you’ve been attempting to forgive, resisting to forgive, or maybe you have forgiveness issues, or trust issues, whatever your story is, re-read these words, written plainly, offering their wisdom and solid questions for your contemplation.

As crazy as it may sound, until writing this article, and quietly sitting with Nepo’s words and the sentiment behind them, I didn’t realize there was someone I needed to forgive.  I only became cognizant of it through a definite feeling that presented itself in my heart.  A clear, sort of softening feeling washed over my heart as I read and absorbed Mr. Nepo’s words.

Hmmm…I must have had some foreshadowing when I entitled this article, “I’ve Even Surprised Myself with Today’s Topic.”  My intention with that title, when I set out to write this piece, was that I was surprised to be writing about forgiveness at all.  When I began, I didn’t have a clue I was going to experience forgiveness through doing exactly what I asked you to do: to contemplate Nepo’s words.  I wasn’t even aware there was someone my heart needed softening towards.

Man, do I love writing for you all!  (For me too, apparently.)  The learning and growing I do simply blows me away at times.  Especially when I get to experience the unexpected!


For those of you who have The Book of Awakening, the above excerpt came from Nepo’s May 31st writing, “Seeing through Another’s Eyes.”  And if you don’t have it, I would HIGHLY recommend it.

Let Go of the Rice, The Book of Awakening, Mark Nepo

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