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I, too, enjoy being alone very often.  With the kids home from school, summers are not my time for refueling.  I do the typical Mommy-thing — run kids from one camp to the next: golf, dodgeball, basketball, more golf.  This summer, I not only ran them to camps, I decided to teach at one.

While I’ve enjoyed these activities, especially sharing about Trust last week at Peace Village, I have to admit, I’m feeling a bit haggard.

Tomorrow I officially begin to refuel.

This is what refueling looks like to me:

  • spa time
  • enjoying the company of a wonderful girlfriend (we’re both celebrating something BIG — more on that later!)
  • being with nature
  • nose tucked in a book
  • sipping tea with milk (heavy cream to be exact)
  • without my laptop

Ouch!  You might think being without my laptop would be easy for me, Ms. Trust and Be and Feel-your-Feelings person that I am.  Well, my laptop is always close to me.  Always.  The decision to leave it at home, and specifically, to not write for my blog for a week, is pretty big stuff for me.

I spoke of Balance in my last post, and knowing exactly where I’m out of balance — it’s in my work.  See, my work is my writing, and my writing is my love, so I tend to have a difficult time knowing when to say when.  And it’s not just my writing, it’s also reading books that pertain to the topics I write about.  I constantly want to learn more, so I can share more, and keep the cycle going…. Because it’s what I love!

But even what we love needs balance.  Otherwise we’ll smother it, and in the process, damage what we love.

So I removed all of the Peace/Love/Forgiveness books from my suitcase, and replaced them with good ol’ fiction books I keep waiting to have the time to read.  Now I have the time.  (Actually, I always have the time, I just choose to focus elsewhere.)

I don’t plan on having a to-do list, but if I did, it might look something like this:



Yes, and maybe also:  Breathe.  Laugh.  Love life.

Whether you have five days for a major refueling session, the weekend, or a day, how do you refuel?  Is it time??

I’m off to get started on my non-existent to-do list.  See you next week!

Love, Leslie



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    Enjoy the refueling hiatus, Leslie! I think it’s pretty brave of you – I’ve gone without many things for various reasons, but writing…well, I tend to find myself doing it even if i’m supposedly taking a “layoff” :) I do agree, though, that we tend to never get around to those things that we’re “waiting for the time for” if the same aspects of life are always given first priority. It’s healthy to mix things up.

    • says

      Now Seth, no one ever said anything about not writing period…there’s always pen ad paper…. 😉 But honestly, I did very little of that, too. It was a total break. And it felt wonderful.

      ~ Leslie

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