Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is… I Did

Last month many of you got involved in our TLT community discussion regarding our youth, the pressures placed on them by parents, coaches, society, and the choices they’re making in order to ACHIEVE, and at the same time, PLEASE everyone.

The “Holy Moly” series, as it came to be called, was sparked by a New York Times article I read that centered around high school students doing whatever it takes to achieve academic excellence, even if that means illegally obtaining and using prescription ADHD medicines to enhance mental focus, increase their stamina to pull all-nighters, and get better test scores.

I was so disturbed by this article, I continued to think about it for weeks, desperately wanting to do something about it.  I explained in one Holy Moly article entitled, “Enough,” that….

“… it’s not just one thing, it’s LOTS and LOTS of things.  It’s not just drugs we’re talking about; to many of these teens, they don’t even see the pills they’re snorting/taking as drugs, some actually thought they were some sort of vitamins, just used to help them hyper focus on school work.  But, like I said, it’s just not about drugs, there are many more layers than that.

But peel away the layers.

Drug layer, gone.

Please my parents layer, gone.

Achieve amazing results in academics, sports, etc. layer, gone.

Peel all of it away.

Keep peeling, and what are you left with?

Children who believe that they are not enough.

Who grow into adults who believe they are not enough.

I don’t mean to sound so doom and gloom, but think about it, when you strip it down, that’s what you’re left with.

But it’s a lie.  These children are enough.  Each and every one of us is enough.  But how do you make it Real, and not just sound like something nice to hear, say, in a blog that’s based on Trusting Life?  How do you have kids stop to listen long enough to believe and understand and feel and know their worth…so that it stays with them into adulthood?….”


So today, July 23, 2012, how am I making it Real?  What am I doing about it that’s more than putting some pretty words on a blog?

Well friends, I’m very happy to report that this week I am in New Mexico sharing with youth (ages 7-13) various lessons on Trust.  My focus throughout the week is to guide and instill in them the core understanding that You Are Enough.  Trust Yourself.

As short as those two sentences are:  You Are Enough and Trust Yourself, they pack a pretty hefty punch.  There is some definite meat there.

I am using the absolute must-read book, hope for the flowers by Trina Paulus as a teaching tool.  If you are unfamiliar with the book, click here.  I believe this will give you enough of a taste that you’ll want to pick up a copy or two or twenty….

For more information on the camp itself, stay tuned for Wednesday’s post.

In the meantime, I encourage you to pinpoint something you’re all fired up about.  Something you can’t stop thinking about or talking about.  At the last dinner party you attended or get-together with friends, what did you find yourself talking about over and over?  THAT, very likely, is a great place to start.

Then do it — start.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is… I Did.


Please tweet or share this post on Facebook — you never know, it might wind up being read by someone who’s all fired up about who knows what, and is ready to do something about it… maybe they just need a little nudge.

Nudge.  Nudge.

Love, Leslie

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