Marilyn Monroe, Speak It, Sister!

We all have our favorite beliefs, mantras, words we live by.  You might guess that based on the name of this blog, mine are Trust Life Today.  And although I do love everything those words mean to me, my FAVORITE belief is probably the one that I’ve felt and known since I was a little girl.  This one:

Everything happens for a reason.

Sounds simple, it may even sound corny.  Yet still, it sums it ALL up for me.  This is one of those rare things that I feel in my bones.

Because of my deep belief in, and resonance with these words, the following quote by Marilyn Monroe caught my eye:

Marilyn Monroe Everything Happens For a Reason

I like this a lot.

After the first line, needless to say, I was hooked.  Followed by the words “let go,” which make up one half of Trust Life Today’s slogan (Let go…Trust Life.)—another score.

Yes, I even like the bit about believing lies so eventually you’ll trust no one…but yourself.  I think the placement of the words, specifically where the line ends, was clever (and deliberate) on the part of whoever created this word art.  The way the words are positioned on the line, the reader is led to believe that the point of that particular segment is to trust no one, when really, you read on and see the actual point is to Trust Yourself.

There is a Taoist story I wrote about to illustrate the ideas of:

  • trust
  • letting go
  • everything happens for a reason
  • AND, we may never know how or why it happened

Basically, it incorporates all of the elements of the Marilyn Monroe quote, and explains more about how Everything Happens for a Reason.  If you’re new to Trust Life Today, click here to check it out.

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