Letting Go, A Practical Application

Although not plastered on the home page of my blog, Trust Life Today does have a slogan.  I include it in articles when appropriate.  It’s comprised of four little words.

“Let go…trust life.”

Yes, four little words, but ones that I fully understand are easier said than done in many instances.

So, rather than write from a theoretical angle, because really, who does that help?, let’s look at Letting Go and Trusting from a practical standpoint.

Like many aspects of our lives, those things which we’d like to improve, we do so through practice.  Letting Go is no different.

Right upfront I’d like to acknowledge the huge spectrum of things there are to Let Go of.

  • the last piece of apple pie has just been eaten
  • the pain that radiates throughout your body after stubbing your toe
  • someone cuts you off in traffic
  • a project you’re overseeing goes badly at work
  • you realize there is a heaviness in your heart due to a grudge you’ve been harboring
  • you learn of a serious illness that is predicted to alter your life or the life of  someone close to you

Yes, the range is vast.  As you can see in the above list, there are “little Let Go’s” and “big Let Go’s.”  Luckily for us, we have opportunities to practice all the time.  How about practicing on the “little Let Go’s” on a daily basis?

Let’s look at this upcoming holiday season for some practice.  Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, December appears to be knocking on my front door.  To be perfectly honest with you, I don’t have the energy or the desire for the prep work that’s to come.

Decorate the house?  Christmas cards?  Shopping?  Holiday parties?  Most years I don’t do backflips about these things, but I’m happy enough to participate in the standard rituals.

This year?  I’m tired.  It’s been a looong six months, and with one more surgery to go, I’m thinking something has to give.  Letting Go of the idea of holiday chores is necessary for me to continue to heal while also enjoying the spirit of Christmas.

What’s the point in having a beautifully decorated house, sending out tons of Christmas cards, shopping for endless hours, and attending multiple parties, if, at the end of it all, I’m drained and grouchy?

How do I strike a balance where I feel joy and peace, honor where I currently am on a physical level, while also being okay with it (also read, “not feeling guilty” about it)?

Practical Application Piece:  I Choose.

So, here I go, right now, documenting for you what I would typically work out in my head.  But this is a real example, so here we go.

Decorate the house – I spoke to the kids and my husband about their expectations.  We’ll decorate a tree and the inside of the house only.  Because we’re not traveling this holiday season, it will be festive to live among the decorations short term, but no fuss outside.

Christmas cards – I believe this year especially it’s important to send cards to friends; there’s so much to be thankful for and so much gratitude to express for the outpouring of love and support we’ve received.  However, since the purpose of the card is to express thanks and gratitude, while also providing an update after I can officially say this ‘chapter’ is behind me, I’m not sweating the timing of the cards.  May be December.  May be January.

Shopping – online or simple, or it doesn’t get done.  Next.

Holiday parties – hitting two parties in one night so I can be done and done.  One time to dress up, one time to wear heels.  Fun times to be had at both as I catch up with friends and acquaintances.

In each instance, the choice was made, the decision to be okay with that choice was present, and no guilt will be associated with it.  Everything else I allow myself to Let Go of – – and Trust myself not to get caught in the web of thoughts that will have me second guessing.  I’ve already decided: this is what I need in order to preserve my best interest, which is continued healing.

What felt like an upcoming barrage of chores just moments ago, feels very doable now.  But not just doable, there’s more to it than that.    

The more we adapt our mode of thinking and the actions that follow to Let Go and Trust Life on the small stuff, the more we practice on a daily basis, the better prepared we are to handle the larger things.

Let Go…trust life.  It’s not just a slogan of pretty words I thought up while in the mountains last winter.  They have meaning.  And purpose.

Start small.  Hell, start big if it suits you.  But start.  What areas in your life do you choose to Let Go?  Do you Trust yourself to react with your best interest in mind?

Seriously, think about it.  I’d like you to have an idea of areas you’d like to Let Go and Trust Life about so that in my next post we can take it one step deeper.

Until next time….


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