How I Keep Track of My Life

In the previous TLT post, “Can’t Keep Up With Your Life? Answer These 3 Questions and You’re Home Free,” I attempted to present a balanced post to help you determine which organization method was better for you: digital or paper.

In today’s post, my writing ceases to be balanced.  If you’re totally digital, this is probably not for you.  And Dudes, I realize this may be too cute-sie for your taste (but if you read on, you may find something you can introduce your wife to that she’ll adore — scoring major bonus points).

In the last post, I mentioned having your planner feel right to you.  Well,  everything about my new planner feels right to me.  Because I ordered from this really cool website, I was able to pick and choose what resonated with me.  Although there were lots of options, they weren’t overwhelming.  It was actually fun, because I was choosing the theme and features based on me: my taste, my needs, what felt right.

First, I’m very into visioning.  I make it a habit of imagining the life I want.  So even though there were many adorable covers, this one jumped out at me.  It spoke to me in my language:

I even custom designed the back by uploading and sending a picture of my TLT logo and website:

I won’t include a picture of all of the inside contents, but just know, it has a pocket for storing receipts and such, a plastic pouch, birthday reminder stickers, blank pages, etc.

Here is the Meat ‘n Potatoes:

The Weekly Pages

Features I like:

  • A place for me to write a weekly goal.  See, I’m very into details.  But the drawback to that is I often lose sight of the big picture.  By writing a weekly goal I can set my intention for the week. (Picture taken pre-goal setting.  Goal now says: Regain balance. Do not over schedule.)
  • One place for me to keep track of my to-dos.  Perfect.
  • I also like the way each day is broken into morning, day, and night.

The Monthly Overview

Features I like:

  • I like the inspirational quote that appears at the top of each month.  For July (in case it’s hard for you to read), it says:

every morning is a new beginning, a new chance to rewrite the story of your life.  ~tina su

Come on!  Rewrite?  The story of your life??  How could that not speak to me?!

  • I’ve chosen to use this monthly section to capture what I consider ‘high level medical stuff’ for anyone in our family.  Since we seem to be frequent flyers with the medical community these days, I need an easy way to keep track of everything.  I want one place to capture any new conditions, changes to medications, and purpose of visit.  This sort of information can easily get buried within the weekly pages, or written on little pieces of paper here and there.  With this system, I know where it is, and I can easily access it for whichever doctor happens to be asking for an update.  (Fast, at my fingertips, since each month has a laminated tab.)

This is a system that feels right to me.  It suits my personality, too.  If you think this is something that would work for you, please visit the erin condren website and get started!  She offers 12 and 18 month planners, plus great stationery and a bunch of other stuff you’re sure to fall in love with!

As you set out to organize your life, leave a comment and let me know how it’s going!

Happy Planning!


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