2014 Events:

February 13 — Medical City Hospital, Dallas:  cancer with a lowercase c

March 2 — Unity of  Dallas:  “Love, Trust & Pixie Dust”

March 6 — First Baptist Church of Killeen:  “Love, Trust & Pixie Dust”

March 13, 20, 27 — Unity of Dallas:  “The Secret Behind Trust” class series 

March 25 — Central Texas College:  Panel guest honoring women authors

April 7 — Unity of Dallas:  “From Zero to Blogging” 

April 10 — Cancer Support Community of North Texas:  “Let Go. Embrace. THRIVE!”

May 5 — Unity of Dallas:  “From Zero to Blogging Part 2″  (because y’all asked for it!)  ;-)

July 24  — Sanctuary on the River, Ruidoso, New Mexico:  Choosing Happiness Women’s Retreat

September 28 — Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church:  “Cancer Ministry Talk”

October 9 — Allen/Fairview Chamber of Commerce:  “Love, Trust & Pixie Dust”

October 11 — Dallas Wellness Expo:  “Choosing Happiness For Real!”

If you’re interested in having me visit, or if have you questions, please send an email to:  leslie@trustlifetoday.com.

I love what I do.

I love creating content for my blog—for YOU!  And recently I published my first book, Love, Trust & Pixie Dust (so exciting!).  Those things aside, along with sipping tea and walking my sweet Libby-girl yellow Lab, one of my absolute favorite things to do is connect with an audience.  There are inner-sparks that release in my veins when a genuine connection is made—I can only describe the feeling as magical.

As I’m sure you can imagine, my #1 topic is trust:  where trust begins, the secret behind trust, how trust is formed, learning how to trust—even if it doesn’t come naturally to you.  But I also speak on other topics; here are some of my favorites:

Recent TV Interview

Corporate Presentations

Finding Yourself Among the Trees — In this presentation, I share how as adults, we often find ourselves asking, What do I want to be when I grow up?   This talk will set you on the right path for answering that question.  I will provide you with tools for discovering what you want out of this treasured gift called: Your Life.

For a sample, see the following Nissan Corporation video:

trust life

Drop Those Pounds: A Guide to a Healthier You — After trying to lose those last pesky pounds with no success, I share the program I used. I also discuss what it means to experience the softer side of this weight loss journey:  the sense of accomplishment, self-confidence, and lasting life impacts that go so much deeper than numbers on a scale.


Presenting at the Dallas Wellness Expo

trust life

From Zero to Blogging — In this presentation, I discuss how to get your message out to the world through the medium of a blog.  I share best practices, tips, and even secrets I’ve researched and used for 1) how to start a blog, and 2) how to keep your blog (and more importantly, YOU) up and running once you’re live.

trust life

Community Outreach Programs

In addition to servicing the corporate environment, I offer select workshops tailored to fit children of all ages.  Here are two of my most popular:

You Are Enough — Our children are told every day through TV and the media that they *need* the latest brand-named clothes, shoes, electronic devices, whatever.  In this workshop I offer an opposite message:  You are enough, just the way you are.  Our children mustn’t seek and search for material items or anything external to feel they are enough.  I guide them, along with Yellow and Stripe the caterpillars, through the journey of learning to Trust Themselves as they discover their magnificence.  (ages 6-12)


trust life

Trust Walk — In this workshop, I provide your students the opportunity to learn and experience:

  • where trust begins
  • how trust works
  • and how trust does NOT work

(ages 13 and up)

“To partake in a Trust Walk is to experience trust firsthand.”  ~ Ms. Powell, Dallas Independent School District

trust life


I invited Leslie Green to speak at the Emerging Tech Conference because I knew she would be able to captivate and speak to the audience in a way that was meaningful to them. Leslie did not disappoint. She told the story of her blogging adventure and the lessons learned. Although Leslie was not a “technology” speaker at a technology conference, the audience felt that she was the most engaging and memorable speaker of the day.”  ~ Tony Cecala, Ph.D., Emerging Tech Conference Producer

When Leslie gave her presentation at the Wellness Expo, the audience was riveted by her words. Leslie has a natural talent for speaking and storytelling that goes beyond what anyone could learn in a Toastmaster’s group. Leslie connects with the audience and speaks from her heart in a way that makes a lasting impression on the soul.”  ~ Felicia Weiss, Ph.D., Wellness Expo Producer

Having Leslie lead my students through the Trust Walk was both a “leap of faith” as well as one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I had no idea what to expect, hence the “leap.” But what a difference it made! My students went from undermining one another, to treating each other with respect. They had more confidence in their abilities and pride in their work. I can’t wait for Leslie to work with my students again!”  ~ Wendy Powell, Dallas Independent School District

Peace Village-Ruidoso was grateful to have Leslie share stories of trust with children during the summer. Her “trust life” philosophy reinforced the Peace Village curriculum of non-violent conflict resolution. We were disappointed that the Rites of Passage Ceremony on the final evening was cut short due to bad weather and prevented Leslie from completing the “trust walk” with them.  We look forward to her return so our students will have the full “trust” experience.”  ~ Susan Finch, Co-Director Peace Village-Ruidoso, New Mexico

trust life

Let me custom tailor a message of trust and love to serve your needs.  If you’re interested in having me visit, or if have you questions, please send an email to:  leslie@trustlifetoday.com.

I look forward to partnering with you!  ~ Leslie