Heart Action, Spirit No-Action

Sufi proverb

   Sufi Proverb

There is a Sufi Proverb that says:

   “When the heart weeps for what it has lost, the spirit laughs for what it has found.”

     With that, our stage is set to investigate our human heart versus our Spirit—our intangible, yet very real Spirit.

Heart and Spirit

It’s no secret.  You know, just as well as any kindergartener, the human heart is associated with love.  Beautiful feelings of love.  Heart-swelling feelings that are capable of creating magic.  Yet at some point after experiencing love, the loss of love will occur—your loved one will pass away, you’ll experience a painful break-up.  Whatever the circumstance may be, the loss of love will happen and your heart will ache.  In the case of our Sufi proverb, your heart will weep.  I think it’s safe to say, the heart action in this proverb can be seen as:  a broken heart, one that weeps out of sadness and a longing to return to a time before the loss, when the heart was still experiencing the blissful, comforting feelings of love.

The heart-half of this proverb is pretty straight forward.  But the Spirit-half….

Why would the Spirit laugh when the heart weeps? 

Here is what I believe:

The heart weeping is a reaction to outside circumstances—the loved one dying, the painful break-up.  Weeping is the first sign of letting go.  Spirit, however, knows.  There is no action required by Spirit.  Spirit is connected with God, Our Creator, the Divine, and all that IS.  Spirit is not concerned with outside circumstances, because the Spirit sees (KNOWS) the larger picture and rejoices (laughs) in the delight that you are moving through the pain in order to receive the gift that awaits you.  By the heart weeping for what it has lost (the loved one, the relationship), the Spirit laughs for what it has gained: the lessons embedded in the bigger picture.  The lessons that will ultimately serve you in incredible ways as you maneuver through Life.  

The blessing in these lessons will set you free. 

These sorts of lessons are huge.  They are why we share with one another:  to learn from one another—and ultimately, to grow.  The Spirit knows how important the lessons are for learning and growing, and for that reason, it laughs, it rejoices at the very moment the heart weeps.


Sufi proverb

sufi proverb

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    • Leslie Green says

      Rosemary, first of all, my apologies. I’m not sure why I wasn’t sent a notification of your comment – this is my first time seeing it.

      Thank you for your comment – I couldn’t agree with you more.

      Love, Leslie

  1. says

    That is an interesting juxtaposition in the proverb between laughing and weeping. My initial thought was that the Spirit is at peace regardless of physical circumstance, but I also like the idea of a lesson coming along with the Heart weeping, and the Spirit rejoicing in that.

    • Leslie Green says

      Hi Old 454, many apologies – I’m just now seeing your comment. This post only received two comments, and I didn’t see either of them – I’m sorry.

      I like the lesson too, just as you stated it. That’s why I like Sufi stories so much. They don’t beat you over the head with the lesson, but after reading one, I come to have a feeling inside before my mind has actually formulated the lesson. It’s a peaceful feeling, and that’s probably why I like them.

      Love, Leslie

  2. Nadia says

    Dear Leslie,

    I felt a little pinch when I read your post. Never has anyone (incuding myself) been able to put into words what the joy is I feel (besides the grief) when I experience a loss. I always experience a very strong feeling of beeing on ‘my track’ when I am dealing with a loss. And that feeling often puzzled me. I’ve been reading your posts since a couple of weeks now and i’m so happy to see that someone (you) is able to put into words what I have always known to be true. By seeing it put into words my deep wordless believe has found a way to come out. And as a result is is setteling deeper in my soul. Thank you.


    • says

      Thank you so much, Nadia. I’m ‘beyond words’ happy that this spoke to you and made sense. This is one of those pieces where I felt I needed to write it, but I wasn’t sure if anyone was going to ‘get’ it. Knowing that it confirmed, as well as put into words, what you have been feeling brings me great joy.

      My cup runneth over.


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