He Prefers to Trust His Mother?!!?

I don’t have a mantra I repeat to my boys, although I have certain things/lessons I repeat to them regularly.

  • The whole concept of Yin and Yang.
  • Everything happens for a reason.
  • Trust yourself.
  • When you feel unsure if you’re able to Trust yourself (perhaps whatever it is feels too big for a kid), ask Mom or Dad for help.

I often tell them to Trust What IsSEE What Is, and Trust that; don’t invent stories in your head, fiction that your mind can run away with, none of which is probably true.  Trusting What Is speaks to me, but for my older son, I found out yesterday he prefers to Trust his mother??

My older son is no stranger to doctor’s offices.  He’s no stranger to hospitals either, for that matter.  So around six weeks ago, when he came to me, complaining of pain, I listened carefully, then looked down his long list of -ologists, as he calls them, trying to determine which one to call.

Long story a bit shorter, I started off with the wrong one (his nephrologist), but after a few weeks and several diagnostic tests later, our go-to doctor was able to point us in the direction of the right one, his urologist.

Without going into too many details, let’s just say six weeks is a long time to have this type of pain, considering it shows up every time he urinates.  There are times I walk by his bathroom and I can audibly hear him say, “Oww, oww, oww, oww” with every drop.

Talk about feeling helpless as a mother.  So we kept testing.  Kept searching for an answer.

As I woke up yesterday morning, I knew it was going to be another full day at the hospital.  Another day he was going to miss out on his schoolwork, which he cannot stand (easier to do it in class, than make up later he says).  That, coupled with the pain, has turned a normally very sweet kid into quite a grouch.  (It would me, too!)

We needed some resolution.

As I was setting my intention and heart for the day, what I wanted was for the day to bring some closure in the form of a diagnosis — that way we’d know what we were dealing with and could move on.

I felt very grounded in setting this intention.  My gut told me it was not only doable, but very likely.  And because I believe in prayer in numbers, before we headed to the hospital, I reached out to some Strong Women Pray-ers and asked for their prayers, already feeling the excitement of delivering good news to them in the afternoon.

They prayed.  We arrived.  First building: the medical staff poked, prodded.  Second building: more poking, more prodding.  Five hours later:  a diagnosis!  YES!  That is exactly what I had asked for.  Now we can move on.  And move on we are….

Tomorrow:  a simple, day surgery to correct the issue.  No more pain.

The following day:  he’ll be a little slow;  lots of rest on the couch.

The day after that:  basically back to normal.

You can imagine how thrilled I was at the prognosis!  How quickly the staff worked to get him scheduled and taken care of.

How grateful I am for all of that… and the prayers.

Goofy face, happy to have some resolution! (still with his hospital ID band on)

After we got home from the hospital and decompressed a bit, he came and sat down next to me.  He said as much as he wasn’t looking forward to his private area undergoing any surgery, minor or otherwise, he wasn’t nervous.  He said he had been for a split second.  Apparently the words, “cut” and “three stitches” got to him, but he said as soon as he looked at the expression on my face, the nervous feeling went away.

“That face.  The huge smile.  Ohhh.  And how calm you were.  That’s when I knew it was all going to be all right.  You may Trust What Is, but I trust my mother.”

I’d like to tell you that the writer for Trust Life Today would’ve wanted him to say, “I also Trust What Is.  I Trust the Journey.”  But no.  This very grateful mother of a 13-year old boy simply watched the back of his head as he walked away… smiling from ear to ear as I welled up with tears of pure love.


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