Better Than a Facebook Birthday!

You Are My Sunshine

There have been some gray days over the past six months.  But the sun is shining brightly today!

It kinda felt like a Facebook birthday day, that wonderful barrage of happy comments one receives on their special day, but better, when I posted *this* as my status update last week:

“Nice man, my oncologist. All the same, I’m happy to tell each and every one of you that I will NEVER need to see that very nice cancer doctor EVER again!!”

The way my Facebook friends celebrated with me made me appreciate Facebook on a completely different level.

Yeah, yeah, I think we can all agree, Facebook can be a real time waster, but I also see it as a great Love of mine.  I mean, I love the morning after Halloween, jumping on Facebook and seeing what all of my friends’ kids wore the night before.  I love hearing about births, and also knowing when to send extra prayers to friends going through something difficult.  I’ve loved forming deep, rich relationships with friends from back home who are absolutely AMAZING people, but I only briefly knew them in high school.  (You KNOW who you are.)

I think, sit and look at your wedding album in person?  No, thank you, but I will, because I’m polite.  But to see your pictures online, at my leisure, making comments here and there, Why, I’d love to!  And your vacation!  And your dinner out!  And your kid climbing a tree!  And your dog sleeping!

For all of these reasons, I love Facebook — but the ultimate is the showering I received upon sharing my wonderful news.  Thank you TLT readers, as well as Facebook Friends, for accompanying me on this Healing Journey… on the gray days and on the sunny ones.  Thank you for celebrating with me.  And thanks, Facebook, for making it possible.


A Very Grateful Leslie

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