Better Not Bitter

We all grow up with ‘Our Stuff.’  The good stuff, the bad stuff, and the ugly stuff.  And we label it as such all along the way, too, don’t we?  Oh, that was a great birthday party!  (Good.)  Man, did you see that car accident?  (Bad.)  What?  My parents are getting a divorce?  (Ugly.)

But our stuff also makes up our blessings.  It’s what we’ve been able to practice on all these years.  Hopefully, as these situations have come your way, with each practice round, you’ve chosen to learn.  Maybe you learned to have more patience, maybe more compassion, maybe you found your backbone.

The experiences of our past have led us to where we are today.  How we choose to label those events, how we choose to learn from them, or not, is simply that: our choice.

We are powerful beings.  Able to make bold choices.


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      Yolanda, you are welcome. And thank you for acknowledging today’s post. I write for me. And I write for you, even when I don’t know who You are, I still write for you. It brings me pleasure beyond believe when I know I’ve written something meaningful for someone (other than myself — although I like that too.) 😉

      I hope you also have a wonderful day and night!


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