Is Your Glass Half Full or Glass Half Empty? What If I Told You It Doesn’t Matter?

How often have you heard that optimists see the glass half full and that pessimists see the glass half empty?  Pretty standard.

Of course, we aren’t really talking about just a glass;  we are talking about much more than a glass.  We are talking about LIFE—about all of the situations and experiences that make up our rich lives.  Things like:

  • love
  • relationships
  • career twists and turns
  • changes in our health status
  • joys with our children
  • pains with our children
  • and on and on….

I suspect that for years you’ve been told you were a glass half full person or a glass half empty person.  You may have even bought into the label, describing yourself as such to others.  Let me ask you, how does it feel to be seen by others as a glass half full person?  Pretty darn wonderful!  Yes, who me?  The person who has it all together?  Sure, I’ll take it!  And how does it feel to be the glass half empty person?  Pretty darn un-wonderful.  Don’t mind me.  Just off to figure out how to fix another thing that’s wrong with me.

Only there is nothing wrong with you.  It’s all BS; it simply is not true.

What if I told you that the status of “your glass” does not matter one bit?  Continue Reading

Hope, Heart, and Health: A Tribute to What Cancer is NOT

Three years ago, on this very day, many of you were praying for me as I went into the hospital to undergo a bi-lateral mastectomy.  Today is a day of celebration and I feel blessed, Blessed, BLESSED!

You may recall in 2011 when this healing journey began, I asked you to do one thing:  To see me as Whole.  As already healed…in the present tense.  And you did.  Thank you.

Over the three-plus years since the diagnosis that started it all, I have learned more than I’d sometimes care to remember about cancer:  the logistics of maneuvering the in’s and out’s, the physical aspects, and the emotional and psychological splat of it.  That’s what it often feels like—SPLAT!—out of control and smearing in so many different directions, there’s no way to contain your emotions at times.

But here’s one thing I’ve found to be true of cancer:  no two experiences are the same.  Everyone lives their own, unique experience.  It’s the same with divorce.  With childbirth.  With attending university.  We each travel our own, distinct journey, framing our own, remarkable path.

There are certain journeys and paths that do not have to be….    Continue Reading

Get Rid of Your House AND Mind Clutter in Record Time

My outside is a wreck.

Correction, my outside is slowly becoming an un-wreck. Not a neat-freak by nature, but a woman who oscillates between generally organized and OCD (gently referred to as my little “idiosyncrasies” by my husband), I was taken by surprise when I returned from vacation to a house a vaguely recognized.

There appeared to be little piles of…what? STUFF. Yes, there were little piles of stuff—everywhere. When had this happened? Who had done this?

When? There was no specific time. It just happened over time, but really ramped up as soon as summer started. And who had done this? Mostly me probably.  Continue Reading

5 Steps to Train Your Brain to Choose Happiness

Have you noticed the latest trend? The happiness trend?  Everyone seems to be talking about happiness. Oprah and Deepak Chopra are starting a happiness meditation series this month. “Choosing Happiness” articles, “Choose Happiness” quotes, “Happiness is a choice” conversations are springing up everywhere. Just last night at a party I attended, the topic of “We choose happiness” cropped up not once, not twice, but three times—three separate conversations with three separate groups of people.

In fact, a few days ago I returned from a retreat in New Mexico called Choosing Happiness.

I remember slightly squirming in my chair last fall when I received the call asking if I would speak at this retreat. With an unsteady voice, I said, “You say the name of the retreat is what? Choosing Happiness?”

“Yes. It’s a two-day retreat for women, and I thought you could maybe talk about how women don’t trust themselves—tie that into happiness somehow….”

What did I know about happiness? I mean, everything I write about: trusting yourself, loving yourself, learning to let go—it’s all based on the foundation of peace, not happiness.

Looks like I had some research to do. Researching happiness…who does that? I did. And a lot of it. But not nearly as much as this guy. Continue Reading