Zumba and The Art of Trust

“Today, at age 44, I took my first Zumba class.  You’ll either know what I mean or not…but it was a total TRUST thing.  Glad I did it!”

And there you have it, a post on my Facebook page after attending my first, but NOT my last Zumba class.

What does Zumba have to do with trust?  Everything.

See, every time we step out of our comfort zone, every time we push ourselves to do something new, different, and a wee bit scary, we are trusting ourselves.  And in trusting ourselves, we are allowing ourselves to experience more of what life has to offer—in essence, we are allowing ourselves to grow more into WHO WE ARE.

By tasting more of life, you are trusting life.

Taste more, trust more.  Trust more, taste more.  The cycle works in both directions, back and forth.  As it works in both directions, the snowball continues to grow…in a good way, not a bad one.

If you were born to dance, with a natural swing in your hips and a persistent rhythm or beat thrumming in your head, this example probably makes no sense to you.  Like I said on Facebook…”You’ll either know what I mean or not.”  But if you’re like me, someone who prefers silence in her head, and deeper, a little girl who grew up believing swinging-hips were meant for other girls, the thought of dancing, and dancing in public (!!), was more than a wee bit scary.

I do not drink alcohol.  I have nothing against alcohol, I simply don’t like the taste.  At least that’s what I’ve always told myself…or is it that deep down within the quiet places inside me, I’m afraid of losing control?  I have never tried pot.  I was teased in high school for it:  “Oh, you think you’re too good or something?”  No.  Not at all.  It just never seemed like an especially good idea to me.  Or again, was I too scared of the unknown?

No drinking.  No drugs.  And no dancing?!  Girl, live a little!  So I did.  I danced.  I moved my hips.  I raised my arms above my head and swung them wildly.  And you know what else?  I smiled like a lunatic the entire time!  Later that day, after the music had left my head, a bit of it remained in my cells…and in that moment I could easily place the feeling that had created the genuine child-like-beaming-smile:  I felt free.  I trusted myself, I let go, and I felt FREE.

That is the art of trust.

That’s what trust is all about.  We trust in order to let go.  We trust to find our inner peace.  And what does inner peace feel like?  Your inner peace is the feeling of freedom.

Consider these facts: I have studied trust for 16 years, I write about trust, I coach one-on-one on trust, next month I will start offering trust workshops for small groups of women, yet it is still a daily practice of mine.  I have not mastered it.  But I am very, very good at it now, and I can show you how to become good at it, too.

If learning to trust yourself, to let go, and to feel free sound inviting to you, consider yourself officially invited!  Mark your calendar for January 31, 2015.  I will be offering my first, but NOT last trust workshop in the Dallas area (limit 20 participants).

Stay tuned here on my blog or on the Trust Life Today Facebook page for more details and information on how to sign up.

I look forward to connecting with you:  leave a comment, send a private message (leslie@trustlifetoday.com), or come see me soon in person.  Until then…whatever you choose to be, do, or try for the first time, OWN IT!

the art of trust


Do You Know When to Hold On and When to Let Go?

Hold On or Let Go?

In spiritual circles there is much talk about the path you’re on.  How one person’s path is not better than another’s, how they are merely different paths.  You also hear a lot about the journey:  a heart’s journey, a soul’s journey, a hero’s journey, the journey often synonymous with life.  Paths and journeys, journeys and paths.

But what if there is a third option, something that we can use to contrast and help us determine when to hold on and when to let go?  Let’s consider this:

Adults follow paths, while children explore.  Children explore.

Do you see the difference, no matter how subtle it may appear?  And if you don’t see the difference, can you feel it?

Adults follow paths.  Paths lead somewhere—somewhere the adult is probably invested in—already married to the outcome the adult is seeking.  The path that leads to the promotion.  The path that leads to glory.

While children explore, especially young children.  They explore for the fun of it, for the curiosity of it, for the sheer thrill of it…but not for the outcome of it.  Children are not invested in the end result.

Before you set off on your next journey or choose your next path, just reflect for a moment and ask yourself, “Is this a path-sort-of-thing or would I be better served to simply explore?”  Depending on the context, it could reasonably be either.

It is the energy that is different.  Continue Reading

10 True Things I Cannot Seem to Remember

Are you in the same boat as I am?

Although I don’t walk around thinking I’m some brainiac, I do believe I am a smart, logical, reasonable woman who has learned to mostly trust her gut.  So why is it that somewhere between 1) a deep-gut-knowing and 2) my head, do I often take a detour?

And sometimes that detour looks like a speedboat driving around in circles, doing donuts in the middle of the ocean!  Anyone else?

Before we get dizzy, let’s steer this boat straight.  See how many of these 10 true things you identify with:

  1. Ten times out of ten, when I just stop and breathe, life becomes instantly better, calmer, easier to process, think, love, be.  You might be thinking, but I’m always breathing.  Are you?  Or do you sometimes hold your breath?  Literally, do you stop mid-life, without even realizing it, and hold your breath?  Sure you do.  We all do.  And when you start breathing again, notice from where you breathe:  your chest.  Chest breathing—yes, it keeps us alive—but it also sends a message to the brain that says fight or flight.  Get ready to defend yourself or run!  We chest breathe when we are anxious, fearful, angry, or frustrated.  Steer straight:  Inhale. Exhale. Slowly. Deeply from your belly.
  2. I’m never really mad at the person, I’m mad at the situation.  But the person is right there, standing in front of me for me to see, or for me to hear over the phone, or for me to read their words in an email or a Facebook comment.  I’m not really mad at them.  I simply want to change them, their attitude, their actions.  I don’t understand why they would think that, or say that, or believe that, or DO that.  Steer straight:  Theirs is not my journey.
  3. I cannot multi-task.  When I’m doing more than one task, I’m just fooling myself.  There’s no such thing.  I’m simply unfocused.  And if I’m really honest with myself, I do it in an attempt to distract myself or to feed my restless mind.  Steer straight:  Be clear on who and why I am.
  4. Eating Puffy Chee-tos and McDonald’s French Fries on a regular basis is not good for me.  But they’re so yummy.  And numbing.  And finger-licking good.  Steer straight:  Be okay with the sporadic indulgence; don’t turn it into a bona fide habit.
  5. Three of my favorite spirit-feeding activities are: sipping tea, reading a book, and spending quality time with friends, but I typically only manage the sipping tea part on a consistent basis.  Reading books and connecting with friends are time consuming activities.  But, but, but—just one more email, just one more article to edit—but, but, but….  Steer straight:  Love myself enough to feed my spirit.
  6. I need more sleep.  But, but, but—just one more email, just one more article to edit—but, but, but….  Steer straight:  Turn off the light.  (Note: The time now is 1:54 AM)
  7. My body is perfect, JUST THE WAY IT IS.  Period.

What happened to 8, 9, and 10?  I got so riled up inside when I really took a moment to feel the Truth and gravity of number 7 (which deserves its own stand-alone post), I decided to stop writing.  This post ends here.  Plus. refer to #6.

I’d love it if YOU finished 8, 9, and 10.  Or just finish 8, it doesn’t matter.  Simply add your Truth.  You will not only help me to steer my boat straight, you will help every other person who reads this post…starting with you.

What do you know is true, but can’t seem to remember?

10 true things

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Why YOU Must Be the Hand Holder, Not the Other Way Around

A little girl of about eight-years old and her father were crossing a bridge one afternoon by foot.  Around halfway across, the wind began to pick up.  The little girl’s hair whipped all about, for brief moments making it difficult for her to see.  An egregious gust of wind came with such sudden force, the father stumbled, then lurched forward in a vain attempt to retrieve his hat.  As the grown man watched the black speck of fabric flutter downward and eventually strike the river below, he felt a slight shiver as he was reminded just how fragile life can seem.

It was this thought, the thought of the fragility of life in general, and of his mortality in particular, that made this man feel vulnerable and scared.  Quite unexpectedly and with more force than he had intended, the father announced to his little girl, “Sweetheart, please hold Daddy’s hand so that you don’t fall into the river.”

The little girl responded, just as fast as the whip of wind, “No, Daddy.  You hold my hand.”

“What’s the difference?” asked the puzzled father.

“There’s a big difference,” replied the little girl.  “If I hold your hand and something happens to me, I’ll probably let go.  But if you hold my hand, I know for sure that no matter what happens, you will never let go of my hand.”

In any relationship, the Truth of trust is not in its bind, but in its bond.  So hold the hand of the person whom you love, rather than expect them to hold yours.

Do this:  the next time you find yourself clasping your own hands (you may be doing it now), notice how your fingers interlace perfectly, naturally, effortlessly.  Remind yourself to see THAT as a bond of Self-Love.  What a beautiful place to start…that has no end.

May you lead your life by Love.  And live your life with Trust.  Amen.

hand holder

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