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Why Write a Blog About Trust?

For two reasons:

1.  Trust leads directly to what we seek most:  Peace.  (No, not love and not happiness—we’ll get there in just a second.)

Unfortunately, peace is not possible when fear and worry stop you in your tracks.  It’s not possible for you to feel peace when you’re fearful.  Just as you’re not able to feel peace when you’re constantly worried.

Once you learn to trust, your fear and worry melt away, leaving you wide open and available to experience the peace of a big bellied puppy, drunk off its mother’s milk.  And once you have peace in your life, then strap on your seat belt!—love and happiness simply flow.

2.  If peace isn’t enough of a reason to write about trust, then what about this reason?  Trust is the backbone of all relationships, from intimate relationships to business relationships to casual relationships.  Consider this:  would you continue to see a doctor you didn’t trust?  Would you put your money in a banking institution you didn’t trust?  Would you send your children to spend the night at someone’s house you didn’t trust?  Trust is that intangible element you can’t always put your finger on, but when it’s not there, you know it.  And fast!

Leslie Green about With trust being at the core of any relationship, why is it we so often hear, “People simply don’t trust.”?  People don’t trust their government.  People don’t trust their mechanic.  People don’t trust their lawyers.  People don’t trust others period.  The bottom line is this:  People don’t trust themselves.  And why should we?  Especially considering that when we were kids, everything we were taught about trust was completely backwards.

If you were taught:

  • you must earn trust (earn the trust of your parents, your teachers, later your boss….)
  • you must prove yourself worthy of trust
  • any time you screw up, trust will be taken away from you

If you were taught any of these things, and let’s be honest, most of us were, you were taught the complete opposite of how trust truly works.  Trust is not external to you, therefore it cannot be taken away from you.  Nor does it need to be earned.  Stop giving your power away!  Trust is not in the hands of the other person.  Trust comes from within you FIRST, knowing, feeling, believing in a higher power.

Once you trust yourself FIRST, once you become comfortable to trust yourself to make the right decisions in your life, for your higher good, and for the higher good of all involved, then you know the Truth of Trust.

And that’s why I write this blog.  To share the truth of trust.  The truth that says:  You are powerful beyond belief.  Trust begins within you.

About Trust Life Today (TLT):

Leslie Green aboutTrust Life Today began as many things do—first, as a dream, which grew legs and crawled its way inside an idea, and eventually stood upright, officially walking onto the web on January 1, 2011.

I had been studying Trust, Love, Forgiveness, Peace, Truth…basically anything heart-growing and spirit-filling, for over half my life when I decided to publicly share about trust in the form of this blog….only to be diagnosed with breast cancer a few short months after introducing myself to you.

Which came as a shock to most—no history, no lump, first mammogram at age 40.

Now what?!  How was the Trust-Lady going to play this hand?  Well, I chose to share what I felt drawn to share, keep private what I felt belonged between God and me, bearing in mind the purpose of this platform:

To guide others who are interested in learning how to trust—those who want to turn their fear and worry upside down.

That’s how I see my role—as your honored guide.

Here are some of the faces of your guide (and one of my muse):  😉

About, Leslie Green, Trust Life Today

Your Life Is Your Ultimate Adventure

Join me here at TLT, and learn to let go of fear and worry, turning everything you’ve ever learned about Trust Upside Down!  Discover the peace within you, peace that is rooted in Trusting Life Today.  It’s my honor to serve as your guide as you learn to trust yourself. Trust others. Trust Life. Trust period.


Here are a few posts that offer additional insight regarding my beliefs on Trusting Life:

By Trusting, we marry our free will with the Divine of Our Creator to KNOW that we are taken care of. We are not alone—not in our worries, our struggles, our joys, or our triumphs.                   You are not alone.

Learn to Let go…Trust Life

About, Leslie Green, Trust Life Today

love is

About the Book

Love, Trust & Pixie DustLove, Trust & Pixie Dust was written to inspire the person who does not easily trust to look at trust differently.

If you are interested in:

  • Learning how to love yourself,
  • Recognizing how to trust yourself,
  • Grasping how to let go of your fears and worries,
  • Or experiencing deep inner peace…

…then this book is for you.

Discover how these elements work together—while you learn about pixie dust—and the vital role pixie dust plays in your life.

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About the Author


About, Leslie Green, Trust Life TodayAlong with being the writer and creator of TrustLifeToday.com, I am a radio show host, speaker, and coach with a strong desire to help others tap into their inner strength by learning how to trust and love themselves. My goal is for everyone, myself included, to be able to inch closer to a true feeling of peace in our everyday lives.

I consider myself a practical person, someone who understands that for many, trusting is easier said than done. For that reason, I offer a weekly radio show where we delve more deeply into the topics of self- love and trust, as well as numerous talks, workshops, and private coaching sessions tailored to specific audiences and individual needs.

I live in north Dallas, Texas with my husband, two sons, and dream-dog Libby.