A Wonderful Mess

Are you a mess?  I’m a mess!  Do you love your mess as much as I love mine??

I wondered where people stood on this topic as I contemplated the statement, “You’re a wonderful mess.”  The mere juxtaposition of the words wonderful and mess conjures a sense of:  “It’s okay.  Yes, I’m a mess, but it’s wonderful, because I’m wonderful, just the way I am – – with whatever mess I happen to be carrying around.”

That’s the way I see it.

We all have our stuff.  Our emotional stuff, our physical stuff, and aye-yai-yai – our stuff with our mothers!  It all makes up the mess that is us.

Here are just a few examples of my messes:

  • I prefer to eat standing up
  • I talk to and carry on with my dog to the point of being obnoxious, and it’s apparently quite uncontrollable on my part
  • I find it difficult to work at my desk with any sort of clutter on it (although I can place it directly behind me while I write, just as long as I don’t see it in front of me or in my peripheral vision)
  • Half the time I think I’m a doctor, yet I refuse to take medication
  • Until about two years ago, I couldn’t wear sunglasses and hear at the same time.  It’s very embarrassing, but true.  I had to practice for years before I was able to master it.  Yet still, to this day, my sunglasses can’t be very dark, otherwise I lose significant hearing.

There are many more examples, some more on the normal side, others no doubt twisted.  The point is, we all have them.  I am a Wonderful Mess.  Yes, You are a Wonderful Mess too.  The question is, do you see your mess as wonderful?  Do you embrace it?

Wherever you are on the spectrum between loathing/denial and embracing/accepting your mess, are you willing to share with us?  Maybe just one?  ….in the name of being Real and showing up for yourself?



  1. Angie says

    I am selectively anal about things around the house:

    1) my cookware and knives DO NOT go in the dishwasher, ever. The knives do not go in the sink, lest they show one smidge of rust (then stand back!). This lesson has been learned by a few!
    2) I work out of piles on my desk (quite unlike you) and can find anything I need contrary to the way it “looks”. This is hereditary, my Mom has the same affliction.
    3) my tools in the garage, organized by drawer in the tool box. The rest of the garage, not so much…

    And I talk to my dogs like they’re little people. I’m sure I’d appear a little crazy to non-dog people. Guess what, our dogs don’t judge and they love to be doted on!

    There’s my wonderful mess! I embrace it. And know if you needed to borrow a tool I could find it and my knives and cookware are in great shape, just in case!

    Check out the song Beautiful Racket by Mary Chapin Carpenter. This article brought it to mind!

    • Leslie Green says

      Angie, thank you so much for sharing! I love your wonderful mess!

      1) I had no idea about the knife thing – no wonder mine have little rust spots on them. I’m fixing that starting now.
      2) Soooo, I DO work from piles also, they just can’t be in my visual field while I write. They get moved away from sight while I work, then I dig into them later. I’m a definite paper piler. And like you, I can always find exactly what I’m looking for – my piles are very organized. :-)
      3) My whole garage – not so much!!

      I will check out that song. Again, thanks for sharing!!

      Love, Leslie

  2. sarah bellamy says

    So true Leslie … can you count being disorganised as a wonderful mess too?. I hardly ever use calendars – keep appointments on their cards in my purse (sorry wallet!) sometimes pinning them on my notice board. Never use a diary. Hardly ever make “to do lists” etc. But to be truthful, hardly ever forget anything or anyone. Kids always turn up where they are meant to be on time and in the right place, if friends ask me out, I dont forget (I know I probably dont have many friends ha ha!!).
    I often think I live in a wonderful mess – just the sheer logistics of 3 kids and one with dyslexia makes it a mess but its fun.
    Anyways, love the posts, glad to see that you are doing so well with your recovery.

    Me and the kids were watching man vs food programme and it was about great food in Texas – especially Austin so now Alex and James are desperate to come to Austin for the BBQ from the pit and the famous donuts!. ONe day we will get over there and give you a shout when we do!!!.

    Take care and keep up with the lovely posts!

    Sarah xxx

    • Leslie Green says

      Sarah, you are TOO funny! I just read your comment out loud to Brady and he’s rolling laughing! He is actually watching that show right NOW. How funny! He just commented on the big doughnut moments before I read your comment. You two!

      And any time you’re ready to make the lovely trip from the UK to the TX (haha), you know you have a place to stay!

      Thank you for your continued support! Love to all, Leslie

  3. Sue says

    A Wonderful Mess sums me up perfectly. That may be my new motto.

    I am working daily to try and accept myself as the Wonderful Mess that I am. It is a rough journey.

    1. I do keep a calendar, it helps keep me keep some semblance of sanity. I will admit that some things move into the next week and the next. Some things never get done. But I’m able to get the important things done and have everyone where they are supposed to be and on time. Without it all the stuff that spins around and around in my brain would eventually have to go “boom”!

    2. I am a collector. Argh. If one is good then ten is better. My head comes up with new ideas and projects constantly and I think I should start collecting for that when I find things. You never know what something might be good for. :(

    3. I am a piler. I am working on this too. I can’t seem to unlearn this. As someone else said…I can pretty much find anything. But there are times where I am convinced I know where “it” is and I make myself crazy looking for it cuz it is not where it is “supposed” to be…eventually it turns up. grrrrr.

    I will stop here. I could go on for hours…I vow to continue the process of accepting that I am a Wonderful Mess.

    Thank you for speaking up for us all.


    • Leslie Green says

      Sue, thank you so much for your earnest contribution! I see a trend of pilers here!! Welcome – you are among good company (as I know Angie personally, and she’s what I consider “good people”).

      I’ve also had the experience of looking for something in its designated pile and have it not be there. Usually, I’ve have moved it to a more logical place, and in my proactive-ness, I’ve manage to temporarily lose it. But yes, it does eventually show up…grrrr.

      Collector, huh? I find that interesting. I’d like to hear more about that. Since I don’t collect anything (except dog hair!), I’d like to hear more about your motivations for collecting (if you’d like to share). How does it make you feel? Why do you think you do it? Is it a scarcity thing? Is collecting different than hoarding? I’m assuming so, but I’m not sure.

      I look forward to hearing more – not just about collecting, but also about how you’re embracing Your Wonderful Mess. :-)

      Love, Leslie

  4. Leslie Green says

    The following was sent to me in an email. Leigh says:

    That “Wonderful Mess” post was awesome. That is me. I am nothing if I am not a wonderful mess. I too eat standing up. I do laundry in color order. I MUST do the dark colors first. Not sure why.

    I am 41 and I have to sleep with my pillow that I named “Snuggie”. That was the name I chose way before the lame blankets came to light. Once when we were in Vegas, the maids kidnapped “Snuggie #1” (which I sewed with my own hands when I was 15). Wally spent the next entire day scouring Las Vegas for a Snuggie replacement. He managed to find a chenille bath pillow at Bath & Body Works, had it gutted, then took it to Build a Bear and had them stuff it with their stuffing and tiny hearts. It became “Snuggie #2”. I CAN’T SLEEP WITHOUT IT. Did I mention, I am 41.

    Not to mention, I can’t remember anything of any consequence but I remember a mountain of useless information. Wally just asked me why “YKK” is on zippers and I knew the answer but I can’t give you directions to my house.

    That brings up my directional handicap. I have no concept of where anything is located. I can’t find my way, ANYWHERE. Thank God for GPS. I have affectionately named her Betty. She knows I am flawed and is patient and understanding. When I screw it up she says “recalculating”. She doesn’t judge.

    So, when you say “wonderful mess”, that is ALL me.

    I embrace my dysfunction and call it all part of the charm that is ME.

    Thanks for reminding me of the flaws that make me AWESOME. At least I think so.

    • Leslie Green says

      Leigh, this is priceless! Thank you SO much for sharing…and making me LAUGH, LAUGH, LAUGH!!

      Hey, did you realize there are people who don’t sort their laundry by color, never mind having to do the dark colors first – – they don’t sort darks separate from whites at all! Yes, it’s true. I witnessed it over the summer. It took a lot of self control for me not to dive headfirst into their washer and start separating.

      The Snuggie story is precious – your man loves you.

      And as for Betty, she is a gentle, non-judging soul, isn’t she? We could all use a few more Betty’s in our lives.

      Thank you for sharing. I love the Wonderful Mess who is YOU.

      Love, Leslie

    • Sue says

      It’s so nice to hear someone else say they can’t remember anything! I hear you. I have an odd thing I do…I can’t recall a word that I am trying to use in a sentence. Let’s say I was trying to tell you that I went to Rosa’s for lunch last week. I would start the sentence but not have the word Rosa’s. I would then be able to explain where it is, what we eat there, that we went there for my daughter’s birthday etc…until you figured out the word Rosa’s. I am not playing a game-seriously-I just cannot get a hold of the word. This isn’t just ocaissional, it is quite often. So very annoying!

      I am so glad that you can embrace your Wonderful Mess self!!!

      • Leslie Green says

        Oh my gosh, Sue! You sound oh, so, very, NORMAL to me!! Mostly because I do the same thing!! It’s a good thing my kids are so tuned-in to me … they normally figure out the word way before I’ve driven myself nuts. I’m starting to think it’s a “communication style” of mine.

        Thanks for sharing!

  5. says

    Hi! I came across your post through a Google Alert for the term “Love Your Mess,” which is the name of a book I wrote. Enjoyed reading about you and your mess, thank you for sharing and love your honesty :)
    All the best,

    • Leslie Green says

      Cool book title, Allison – sounds like something I would like. Please send me a link.

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading about my mess. What I found out after writing the piece and also reading comments by others is that it’s very freeing to put our messes out there for others to see!! :-)

      Love, Leslie

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