Wanna Know How to Stop Worrying?

Maybe you’ve seen this before.  It was one of those things that got passed around via email and landed in my inbox last year.  I decided to dust it off and share it with you today. When broken down in this format, it appears pretty simple.  No matter which way you go, all arrows point… Continue reading Wanna Know How to Stop Worrying?

The Window Beyond, A Tale of Letting Go

“I’m so angry I could kill him.  And to think, that was over two years ago.  If he walked in that door right now, I swear….” she stared into her coffee, absently adding another sugar packet.  That made four.  I wondered if she was even aware. Her sister, or was it her friend — same… Continue reading The Window Beyond, A Tale of Letting Go

Set Your Child Up for Success with this One Question

Tomorrow is the first day of school in my neck of the woods.  New clothes, new school supplies, new haircuts, new experiences, new beginnings.  And in our home, a new tradition is starting.  Or more accurately, a new daily after-school question, complements of Condoleezza Rice. I remember once hearing an interview Rice gave where she shared a… Continue reading Set Your Child Up for Success with this One Question

Selfish, Selfish, Selfish!

Elizabeth Gilbert on Selfish Several years ago I saw Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, speak in Dallas.  She was absolutely mesmerizing.  She was smart, funny, articulate, and if you looked closely, I swear you could see her mind working;  there was a quickness and spark that was almost visible, even from way in the back.… Continue reading Selfish, Selfish, Selfish!

Why Don’t People Trust?

I’m dedicating this month’s blog posts to a series called, Learning How to Trust.  Over the upcoming weeks I’ll break down learning how to trust into smaller, easier to absorb pieces.  Earlier this week, we kicked off the series with a post entitled, “The First Step in Trusting.  Can It Really Be that Simple?”  Today, as we… Continue reading Why Don’t People Trust?

What Do Tigger and Rabbit Have To Do With Addiction?

I’m Rabbit. Who Are You? Are you a huge Winnie-the-Pooh fan? Maybe not now as an adult, but were you once as a child? It’s no secret, I still am! Yep, at 46, I still love me some Pooh-Bear. I recall not so many years ago, sitting in business meetings, glancing around the conference table,… Continue reading What Do Tigger and Rabbit Have To Do With Addiction?

Heart Action, Spirit No-Action Sufi Proverb

Heart and Spirit It’s no secret.  You know, just as well as any kindergartener, the human heart is associated with love.  Beautiful feelings of love.  Heart-swelling feelings that are capable of creating magic.  Yet at some point after experiencing love, the loss of love will occur—your loved one will pass away, you’ll experience a painful… Continue reading Heart Action, Spirit No-Action Sufi Proverb

Step Into Your Power

Irresistibly sweet Girl Scouts, parked at tables outside of grocery store entrances, walking door-to-door, with their irresistibly sweet voices, luring you to buy their irresistibly sweet cookies. Except that…irresistibly sweet I am not. It takes everything in me not to snap, “No, thank you! I DON’T want your stinkin’ cookies!” First, I don’t like the… Continue reading Step Into Your Power

7 Things to Lose If You Want to Win

Win What?…  The Grand Prize: YOU Last month I wrote that Tigger is my least favorite Pooh-character, true. Tigger with his big plans and grand gestures, none of which he follows through on. Of course that would get under the skin of a self-declared “do-er.”  Least favorite character or not, Dude does a lot of things… Continue reading 7 Things to Lose If You Want to Win