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Given from my heart to yours.

Ignite Your Heart

The work we do in life can sometimes feel heavy.  Learning to trust, finding our truth, looking within—each are meant to help us feel more at peace—however, sometimes all of this spiritual work feels more like the piling on of ten soaking wet wool blankets.  Heavily, slowly, crushing.

There are days I long for the bliss of ignorance.  Not days, more like moments throughout the day.  But still, they exist.  Those moments when I think, Ah to be young, clueless, and unaware.  Riding my bike, skipping, talking non-stop as I walked alone in nature.  Talking with whom?  Who cares?  It didn’t matter.  No one.  Everyone.  God.

And that bounce in my step?  Where did it come from?  From the feeling of being light.  Unencumbered.  Unafraid.

I don’t bounce much anymore.  And I’m almost* perfectly fine with that.  There’s a time and a place for everything.  Then was the time for that, and now is the time for this.

*Almost perfectly fine…

Almost because I’d like to settle into a balance.  Something between the bounce and the soaking wet blankets.

Spirituality doesn’t have to feel heavy or over-serious or wet-wool-blanket-like.  For me, it just has to feel real, solid, meaningful.  Spirituality is living your life with a purpose that ignites your heart.

ignite your heart

Does your heart feel ignited?

Today, no matter if your heart feels ablaze with intense emotion or more like a buried, forgotten lump of coal never destined to find its flame, follow along and feel this:

  • snap your fingers together gently, only hearing the whoosh, brushing of a noise, not a hard crack.  That was the spark of your heart igniting.
  • narrow your eyes, squint a little as you glance within the left side of your chest, see a white dot surrounded by a soft, yellow halo
  • as you focus your eyes, sharpen your awareness as you see the soft, yellow halo begin to pulsate
  • slowly, very slowly, watch it grow
  • feel it grow
  • Feel
  • it
  • grow.
  • see the single flame grow larger
  • and now see the flame multiply
  • shift your seeing entirely over to feeling
  • feel your heart completely ablaze
  • alive, roaring with life, purpose, meaning
  • quickly, shift the fire to your throat!
  • expand the flames and ask yourself NOW:
  • “What have I been wanting to say, but have been holding inside?”
  • let it go
  • Let
  • it
  • go.
  • easy, now
  • let it go.

Now seal in your experience.

Grab your iPhone.  Yes, you read correctly.  You know it’s right beside you.  Go to your Clock app (standard on all iPhones).  Choose Stopwatch.  Tap Start, with closed eyes, take 10 deep breaths in and out as you seal in your inner-heart-throat experience.  For 10 breaths, go there, wherever there may be.  Close your eyes and begin.

Hello again.

Offer yourself love as a way of thanking yourself.  It’s simple, just say out loud, “I love you.”

Now wash and repeat.  Each time you begin to feel the heaviness that comes with Life, have this exercise handy.  Next time you may not shift from your heart to your throat, you may shift from your heart to your sore knee, or to the ringing in your left ear that’s been bothering you.  Go there and release.  Let. it. go.

Ignite Your Heart


P.S.  Ten breaths in and out this time took me 2 minutes, 21 seconds. Last time: 1:54.  I must have had more to let go.


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The Fastest Way to Banish Fear and Doubt

If you’re interested in learning how to banish fear and doubt, which includes abandoning your worries as well, don’t go away.  Today I’m sharing the first step—a step that is easier than you might think—it just takes some practice.

Have you ever noticed how we complicate things?  How we take something relatively benign and turn it into some web of complexity that only highly trained special agents could possibly untangle?

I have.  And truth be told, I still do a fair amount of it, depending on the topic.  Anything the least bit technical and my brain goes fuzzy.  Not too handy of a personality trait for someone who does most of her work on the computer/internet.

Technology and Leslie, not so much.  Trust and Leslie, now that’s something that works for me.  I get it.  And I want you to get it, too.

I didn’t always get trust, though.  I believe that’s why I suffered from insomnia for so many years.  I wasn’t able to stop my mind at night, spinning tall tales of What If this, and What If that?  What If I would’ve said this, oh, then I bet he would’ve said that.  (Sound familiar?)

My mind had fallen in love with What If scenarios, mainly because they fed it and allowed it to stay active, even when it wasn’t to my benefit.  What If scenarios had become a habit.  A habit that was extremely hard to break — until I realized that What Is is a much, much healthier place to live.

What Is banished What If.  But it took (and still takes) practice.

Trust rippled in water

And here we find our First Step to Trusting:

Becoming Aware of What Is

Making the shift from What If to being aware of What Is is a total and complete game changer.  It’s a means of setting yourself free.

(Disclaimer:  It’s a bit of a shallow example, but something most of us can relate to, either now or from past experience.)

Okay, let’s walk through this.  Let’s say there’s someone you feel a connection with and are attracted to.  (Let’s make him a him.)  You believe he also feels the connection and is attracted to you, too.  You’ve shared some special moments, some special conversations.  He’s away on business now, and says he’ll call.  Time passes and no call.

Which will you choose to believe?

  • Option #1:  He’s swamped with work.  That’s why I haven’t heard from him.  Hmm…I wonder.
  • Option #2:  I’m not in near proximity, so he’s forgotten all about me.  He must be one of those “Out of sight, out of mind” men.  He’s just into me when I’m around.
  • Option #3:  He has met someone else.

I could go on, but you get the idea.

What do each of these (and numerous other scenarios I could come up with) have in common?  They all reek of:

I must not be very important to him.  I must care about him more than he cares about me.  My heart is invested in this relationship way more than his heart.  And all of these thoughts could be preceded with “What If” and still read exactly the same.  All are in your mind, and nowhere else.  Think about it:  They exist Nowhere Else.  Your mind is the only place they live, and you put them there.

After saying each of these things to yourself, how do you feel?  Peaceful?  Loving?  Worried?  Fearful?

Chances are, not peaceful.  And not loving either.  I mean, isn’t peace why we trust to begin with?

inner peace

So….What Is?

What Is, is he said he would call and you haven’t received a call from him.  You have no idea why.  Period.

What if you choose to go about your daily activities with only that in mind, practicing What IsHe hasn’t called.  And right now I don’t know why.  The end.

You go to work.  You’re focused on projects.  You interact with others.  You enjoy dinner with a friend.  You live your life.  All the while, with the two bits of What Is in mind, no added story to go along with the unknown.

Later, you hear from him.  He tells you why he hasn’t called (dropped his phone in the toilet, ran out of battery, who knows), and at that point — this is the important partyou trust yourself enough to decide if his explanation is reasonable to you.  You trust yourself enough to know if you’d like to continue getting to know him further or not.  You trust yourself.

Yes.  You Trust Yourself first.

So, what’s simple about this?  Well, making the switch from What If to What Is, takes practice, but once you’re aware of it, that’s all it is:  daily practice.  And wouldn’t you agree that NOT approaching life with fear and worry, but rather living life in peace through trust, is worth the practice?  

  • Become aware of What Is
  • Dedicate yourself (your mind!) to actively practicing What Is
  • Remember where trust begins:  Trust Begins Inside of You

Are you eager to learn more?  Much of what was covered in this post (plus more!) is discussed on the podcast below, as I interview SWAT Team Leader and career police officer, Bob Seklecki.  If you haven’t tuned in to Love, Trust & Pixie Dust, the new radio show I’m honored to host, check it out!  Come learn how this simple first step can be applied to your life today!

why don't people trustDo you know someone who could benefit from learning how to trust?  Don’t be shy, please share.  You never know, this might be just the thing they’ve been searching for!

In love and trust,

It’s All Special

One week ago, almost to the minute, I was preparing to walk to the podium, tap the mic, and deliver a eulogy for my oldest brother.

While typing the words above, I felt my throat tighten and my eyes sting. I was not expecting that.

Around an hour ago I posted the following on my Facebook page:
“Are there days you just feel CRAZY-BLESSED? Like, more than in a good mood, I’m talking about way deep down in your toenails blessed? Today is one of those days for me. Just wanted to share.”

After I clicked the “post” button, I realized how little I share about the raw, sorrow-filled moments of life. I mean, who wants to be the Bummer-Person? Not I.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. I like to grieve alone. It’s what feels right to me. I like the silence when I go within and feel the loss in the way I need to feel it.

That said, I felt guilty earlier today. Someone had just heard the news and called to check on me. After answering the phone with a little too much chipper in my voice, I heard the voice on the other end of the line: somber and barely a whisper. I immediately thought, Moron! Put some damn sadness in your voice!  You are supposed to sound sad!

So I did. I took my voice down a full octave and slowly told my friend of the circumstances around the end of my brother’s life.

After I hung up the phone I returned to my home-office; it was time to get back to work. I saw that today my husband’s grandmother turned 101. And when I tell you she is a remarkable lady, I’m not even close to kidding. I called her last week just to chat. She asked me to hold for just a second while she turned off the iron. She explained to me that she had been doing a little “light ironing.”

“Light ironing? Are you kidding me?” I said. “What in the world are you ironing?” I asked.

“My clothes for tomorrow.”

“Where are you going? Somewhere special?”

“Leslie, honey. When you get to be my age, it’s all special.”

Wow. Yes. Why yes, it is.

Fast forward to just a moment ago as I wrote the Facebook post above. Sitting at my desk, cuppa tea by my side, dog at my feet, older son upstairs sleeping/under the weather, sun streaming in my office just-so, and feeling a deep, deep gratitude for Life. How could I not share that?  Feelings like that are indeed special.

But friends, it is only by walking through my grief, by honoring the feelings of sadness and loss that I am truly able to appreciate the feelings on the opposite end of the spectrum.

If you are feeling sad today, or maybe you even feel lost, stop for a moment and sit with those feelings. Honor what you’re feeling and know, believe, that its opposite will come. And when it does, honor that as well! Don’t rush to the next and the next and the next. We all have this tendency to push that accelerator down and GO when we’re feeling on top of the world.

Give as much reverence to the on-top-of-the-world feeling. Honor it. Stop and breathe it in. Trust yourself enough to know you’re strong enough to feel whatever feeling is upon you. Know that that is one of the ways we show ourselves love.

Remember the words of the 101 year-old ironing grandma: It’s all special.

And I do mean ALL.


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Excited and Scared

Have you ever felt excited and scared at the same time? Is it even possible?

Of course it is!

And that is exactly where I sit today. And probably where I’ll still be sitting tomorrow.

See, there are two big additions on the horizon:

1) there’s the kick-off of a new workshop on how to LOVE & TRUST yourself (100% excited, 0% scared)


2) the debut of a new radio show is fast approaching  (Aye yai yai…I’m too scared to even break down the percentages…I don’t want to frighten myself more!)

But here’s the kicker: don’t I have a belief system that says everything happens for a reason? Everything happens for a purpose? To trust is to let go and believe all works out for your higher good?

So why the fear?

Because trust isn’t something we master in a day. Trust is a daily practice. And just like you, I continue to practice it each and every day. Just like you, some days are better than others. Some situations are better than others. My goal is to become aware of the situations that trigger fear and discover what underlying feelings are lurking in the pond below…just below the surface…that pond that is all too easy to ignore and swim away from, claiming it’s too murky to see below its rippled edge, so I’ll just keep swimming until I reach the edge, hoist myself out of the water in one swift movement, and walk—maybe run—away hoping the more distance I create the more the fear will vanish. Except it doesn’t.

Why not just dive in?  Why swim, walk, run at all?

Sometimes we are just not ready.  Sometimes there are lessons to learn along the way that we might miss if we never felt the fear, explored the feelings beneath it, and worked through those feelings and experiences.  Those lessons, feelings, and experiences are exactly what allow us to grow.

So for today, I choose NOT to let go of my fear and NOT to hold on to it either.  I choose to feel the feelings underneath the fear, to become aware of what experiences are presenting themselves to contribute to my growth, and I will even up my game one notch and actually try to be thankful for the fear.

At this time I’d like to thank YOU.  Just by reading my words, by allowing me to write them in a place where you visit and take them in, you have allowed me to acknowledge and release some of my fear.  It is no longer bottled up in my mind;  the more I allow it to release, the more it is set free.  The more I AM SET FREE.  Thank you.

EXCITED and Scared

Just Love & Trust:  Simple Tools for Trust in Action – yes, I am 100% excited and 0% scared about the new, upcoming workshop!  I’ve worked really hard to offer a full-sensory experience for you (you’ll see what I mean!).  The number of participants is limited to 20:  a small-ish, manageable, and intimate number.  Please click on the link to read more about what you can expect.  I hope to see you soon!

Excited and SCARED

Beginning February 4, 2015 please tune-in to listen to Love, Trust & Pixie Dust on eWN Radio Network.  I will be broadcasting every Wednesday at 11:00 AM CST.  No worries if you’re not available at 11:00 AM Wednesdays, shortly after the show airs it will be converted into a podcast, so you can always listen to the show at a time that’s convenient for you.

excited and scared

Is there something you’re excited and scared about?  Begin with the first step:  become aware of it.  Now let’s get it out of your mind, let’s make it more real:  acknowledge it by sharing with someone.  Would you like the anonymity of sharing with a stranger?  Then share with me.  You can email your fear and excitement to Leslie@TrustLifeToday.com — and I won’t even make you do anything about it (not unless you want me to!).  ;-)  It’s not uncommon that in simply sharing with another, the process of releasing and letting go is activated.

Start today.  I did.  And I already feel so much better.  Again, thank you.

If today’s message spoke to you, won’t you please share it on Facebook or forward to a friend?  You never know, it might be just the thing someone in your circle of friends is meant to experience today.  Thank you!